Research Areas

Holocaust, Genocide; War; Public Mental Health; Violence 


Ph.D., University of Mainz

M.P.H., University of ULM

M.A., University of Mainz

Jutta Lindert

Brief summary of academic and research background and achievements Jutta Lindert, PhD, M.A: is professor of Public Health at the Protestant University of Ludwigsburg, Ludwigsburg, Germany. She is visiting scientist at the University of Leipzig. Her research interests focus on the interplay of culture, biology, life events and mental health, and on the long term health impact of violence on health and mental health. Additionally, she is investigating factors which influence ageing among others historical events, genetic and environmental factors. Jutta is president of the Section of Public Mental Health of the “European Association of Public Health” and is currently preparing a study on the long term effects of child maltreatment in several countries in Europe and Latin America. Jutta has published many articles in scientific and nonscientific journals and is currently editing two books which will be published by Springer, New York (“Violence and Health”; War, Genocide and Memory). As former head of refugee camp she is dedicated to investigating differences in health and methods and possibilities to overcome those. Before her career in Public Health Jutta has studied literature focusing on possibilities to write poems and literature on war and genocide. She is now Professor of Public Health at the University of Emden

Current Projects

Currently I am working on several projects related to 1) Holcoaust and the Long term Impact on offsprings mental health; 2) genocides and resilience of affected populations and 3) refugees mental health. These three projects are research projects. 

Representative Publications

Danieli Y, Norris FH, Lindert J, Paisner V, Engdahl B,,Richter J..  The Danieli Inventory of Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma: Part I: Survivors’ Posttrauma Adaptational Styles in their Children’s Eyes. IJtSS. Under review.  

Sancassiani F, Pintus E, Holte A, Paulus P, Moro MF, Cossu G, Angermeyer MC, Carta MG, Lindert J.  Enhancing the Emotional and Social Skills of the Youth to Promote their Wellbeing and Positive Development: A Systematic Review of Universal School-based Randomized Controlled Trials. Clin Pract Epidemiol Ment Health. 2015 Feb 26;11 (Suppl 1 M2):21-40.