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Ph.D., New York University

M.F.A., Vermont College

A.B., University of Pennsylvania

Naomi Myrvaagnes

Naomi Myrvaagnes

Naomi Myrvaagnes

Naomi is completing a novel about a rabbi and her congregation, set in the early 1990s. She has written poetry, essays, and short stories, which have appeared in online and print journals and newspapers. Her first published story, “No Place for Me, My Love,” was awarded Special Mention in the Pushcart Prize XXV anthology.

After completing her doctorate with a dissertation on Anglo-Saxon prosody, Naomi taught Freshman English courses and worked as a freelance editor and writing coach. She has tutored in the PEN New England program and other venues in Boston high schools and is a member of the Academic Advisory Committee of the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute.  

During the period of Naomi’s leadership as Scholar-Coordinator (1995-2000), the Women’s Studies Scholars Program at Brandeis University added over thirty new Scholars as well as the peer support and governance structures that are hallmarks of the program today.     

Current Projects

The Third Street Temple is a novel set in a city much like Boston in the early 1990s. Rabbi Felice Whitman is charged with revitalizing B’nei Yisroel, a dying congregation. A lover of liturgy and the Jewish heritage, Felice cares for her aged but must also attract the new Four Children from the suburbs: Where, in the vast tract between the poles of tradition and modernity, is the promised land? Will Felice succeed in leading her people there? 

Representative Publications

Myrvaagnes, Naomi. “Effects.” Literary Mama. March 2004.

Myrvaagnes, Naomi. “No Place for Me, My Love.”  Harvard Review Fall 1999.