Research Areas

Visual Arts: Drawings, Installation and Performance Art; Gender, Migration and Identity


Masters in Business Administration, USA

Bachelor of Arts (Economic Honors), India


Sukeshi Sondhi

Sukeshi Sondhi

Sukeshi Sondhi

Sukeshi Sondhi was born in India, educated globally, and has made Singapore her home. An erstwhile banker, actor and television news anchor, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics,  a Master’s degree in Business Administration, as well as a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Over the last decade, Sukeshi has immersed herself in the study and creation of fine art. Her artistic practice is a multi-dimensional exploration of drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, installation, and performance art.

Sukeshi's research and practice has been informed by gender, identity, and performativity of the domestic object in the  everyday. Her works  allude to the dualities of vulnerability/strength, presence/absence, and personal/political.

Sukeshi's installations and sculptures convey the invisible presence of the marginalized female. Violence and tension is implicit in the poetics and visual language of the objects and gestures.  By creating a sensorial experience, her work elicits reflection and response from the viewer in the hope of negotiating attitudinal and perceptual change.

"Art, for me, is an insight into the state of mind at a point in time. It is an amalgamation of memories and experiences; a release of emotion and obsessions; a reflection upon the past, and a response to the present. My work is about the personal, the ordinary, the forgotten, and the ignored. By working with objects and materials which hold a significance for me, I attempt to create a dialogue not only between the works, but also between the viewer and the works."

Sukeshi was invited to hold a solo exhibition, "Angels in the Room" (2017) at the Indian Heritage Centre (a national heritage museum in Singapore). The show comprised of her latest installation works as well as live performance art and dialogue with the audience.

She has exhibited extensively  in solo and group shows in Singapore at Indigo Blue Gallery,  ICAS (Lasalle College), Societe Generale Bank, Affordable Art Fair (2012-15), ArtWalk@Wessex, ArtOne21, Gallery Belvedere, Culture Square Gallery and others.. Her solo exhibition, “LKY: An Icon and a Legend” (2013) was a tribute to the late Prime Minister Lee and Singapore on becoming a citizen

Sukeshi's art works are held in corporate and private collections in Singapore, Mumbai, New York, Paris, and New Delhi. . She also continues to donate works for worthy charitable causes.

Sukeshi is currently living in Cambridge, Massachusetts and affiliated to the Women’s Studies Research Centre at Brandeis University (USA) as a Visiting Research Associate.

Current Projects

My current artistic practice is informed by gender, identity, migration, and domesticity through performativity of the object in the everyday. My research, contextualized in the philosophies of feminist writers and artists, seeks to deconstruct domesticity through embodied gestures in drawings, installation and performance. The underlying objective is to transform the everyday and elevate the mundane to make visible the invisible.