Research Areas

Poetry; Autobiography; Gender Studies


Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
M.A., University of Notre Dame
B. A., Brown University

Heather Treseler

Heather Treseler

Heather Treseler

Heather Treseler is a poet, essayist, and an associate professor of English at Worcester State University, where she teaches creative writing and American literature. As a Presidential Fellow, she earned a Ph.D. in English at the University of Notre Dame and subsequently received a year-long research fellowship at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Her poems and essays have appeared in Boston Review, Harvard Review, Iowa Review, Boulevard, Missouri Review, Notre Dame Review, Pleiades, and Southern Poetry Review, among other literary journals. She has also published book chapters and essays about American poets Elizabeth Bishop, Maxine Kumin, Michael Harper, John Matthias, and John Berryman, among others. 
Recipient of the George I. Alden Award for Excellence in Teaching (2017) and the Frank O’Hara poetry prize (2016), she is working on a collection of poems that recasts stories from classical mythology. She is also writing about poet Elizabeth Bishop and the “scene of reading,” drawing upon archival research supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

Current Projects

My primary project is the completion of a full-length manuscript of poems, “Pantheon,” which recasts stories from Greek and Roman myth. An encounter with Jakob Auer’s “Apollo and Daphne” statue at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna inspired this collection, which has been a finalist for the Tomaž Šalamun chapbook prize from Verse magazine (2016) and a finalist for the Missouri Review Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize (2017). Drawing on ancient myths as related by Homer and Ovid, “Pantheon” repositions the goddess Hera as a narrator and central figure, relating archetypal tales from new perspectives. 

Representative Publications

“Daphne on Being Wood,” “Persephone’s Postcard,” and “Demeter: Calendar Girl.” Missouri Review. Finalist for the Missouri Review’s Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize. 
“Voyeur in June.” The Worcester Review. Winner of the Frank O’Hara Poetry Prize.
“Into the Apothecary.” Notre Dame Review. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
“Diagnosis.” Harvard Review. 

“One Long Poem: Elizabeth Bishop’s Letters to Dr. Ruth Foster.” Boston Review. 
“Michael Harper, Poet and Metaphysician.” Journal of Ethnic American Literature. 
“The Subjective Correlative: Poet as Pedagogue.” The Worcester Review. 
“Making Poems, Making History: a Memoir and Interview of Maxine Kumin.” Notre Dame Review. 

Book Chapters:
 “‘Private Faces in Public Spaces’: Bishop’s Triptych of Washington, D.C.” Reading Elizabeth Bishop: An Edinburgh Companion. Ed. Jonathan Ellis. Edinburgh University Press, 2018.
“Of Letters and Lyric Style: John Berryman’s Homage to Mistress Bradstreet.” John Berryman: Centenary Essays. Eds. Philip Coleman and Peter Campion. Bern: Lang, 2017.
“Dreaming in Color: Bishop’s Notebook Letter-Poems.” Elizabeth Bishop in the Twenty-First Century: Reading the New Editions. Eds. Thomas Travisano, Bethany Hicok, and Angus Cleghorn. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2012.