Research Areas

Political Philosophy, Intellectual History, Race and Gender, Maria W. Stewart, Aphra Behn


Ph.D., University of Connecticut

M.A., University of Connecticut

A.B., Bard College


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Kristin Waters

When Kristin compiled and wrote critical introductions for Enlightened Conversations: Women and Men Political Theorists, (Blackwell 2000), she challenged teachers and researchers to be more inclusive of race and gender. Her new book, Black Women’s Intellectual Traditions: Speaking Their Minds (University of Vermont Press, 2007), co-edited with Carol Conaway,  is the 2007 recipient of the Letitia Woods Brown Award of the Association of Black Women Scholars for Best Anthology of 2007.

Among her research associations, Kristin has undertaken work through the Department of External Studies at Oxford University, England, and been a Visiting Research Professor in the Clark University Women’s Studies Program. Among her publications are “(Re)turning to the Modern: Radical Feminism and the Postmodern Turn,” in Radically Speaking, edited by Diane Bell and Renate Klein, and “Women in Kantian Ethics: A Failure at Universality,” in Modern Engendering: Critical Feminist Readings in Modern Western Philosophy, edited by Bat-Ami Bar On.

She is a founding member of the Caribbean Philosophical Association, an organization dedicated to studying  people of the African diaspora. She has served as director of the Women’s Studies Program at Worcester State College, where she is currently the chair of the Philosophy Department.

Current Projects

I am researching the intersections of the lives of early 19th century African American activists Maria W. Stewart, David Walker, and Stewart’s husband James W. Stewart who lived in Boston in the 1820s. I am also working on a play, Aphra Behn: A Woman’s Comedy, about a 17th century playwright, poet, and early advocate for women’s personal and professional equality

Representative Publications

Waters, Kristin and Carol Conaway, editors. Speaking Their Minds: Black Women’s Intellectual Traditions. Burlington: University of Vermont Press, 2007.

"Crying Out for Liberty: Maria W. Stewart and David Walker’s Black Revolutionary Liberalism” in Philosophia Africana: Analysis of Philosophy and Issues in African and the Black Diaspora, Volume 15, Number 1, Winter 2013.