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Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center hosts a vibrant and collaborative scholars program.

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WSRC Visiting Scholars 2018-19

Edith Coleman Chears 
Advancing Women; Improving Human Performance

Emily Fox-Kales 
Women, Media, Eating Disorders

K. Melchor Hall
Black Feminisms; Transnational Feminisms; Development Studies; Latin American Studies 

Lisa Krissoff Boehm
Women’s History; Urban History; Labor History; African American History

Monica Raymond
Poetry; Playwriting; Visual Art; Art and Social Change; Sustainability/Social Transformation  

Patricia Sheppard 
Women Asylum Claims Trauma, Poetry

Vaughn Sills
Fine Art and Documentary Photography 

Sukeshi Sondhi 
Visual Arts: Drawings, Installation and Performance Art; Gender, Migration and Identity 

Sarah Swartz 
Memoir, Holocaust, Culture Clash, Tolerance

Heather Treseler
Poetry; Autobiography; Gender Studies

Eva-Sabine Zehelein 
North American literatures and cultures, populate culture studies, gender studies, theater and performance studies, medical and environmental humanities.

WSRC Affiliated Scholars 2018-19 

Mary Berg
Meg Bond
Terry Byrne
Ann Caldwell
Emily Corbato
Liane Curtis
Paula Doress Worters
Nurit Eini-Pindyck
Fran Forman
Lois Isenman
Louise Lopman
Brenda McSweeney
Rachel Munn
Naomi Myrvaagnes
Susan Porter
Roberta Salper
Rahel Wasserfall 
Stephanie Wasserman

WSRC Alumnae List

Meet the Scholars

WSRC Scholars Group Fall 2018

WSRC Resident Scholars 2018-19

Pnina Geraldine Abir-Am
History of Women and Gender; History of Life Sciences in the 20th Century; History of Public Memory; History of Israeli Science, Scientists, and Scientific Organizations; Policy and Social Change 

Penina Adelman
Creative Writing; Biblical Women; Creative Ritual; Jewish Folklore; Coming of Age Rituals 

Nancer Ballard
Creative Writing; Law; Book Arts on Women’s Narratives 

Ornit Barkai
Documentary Film, Mass Media, Social Media, Social Memory, Multicultural Memorialization 

Helen A. Berger
Witchcraft and Contemporary Paganism; Women’s Spirituality; Goddess Worship; New Religious Movements

Linda Bond
Installation Art; Women’s Empowerment & Wellbeing as a Pathway to Peace; Art & Activism

Lora Brody
Women’s Studies - Aging, Community, Memory, and Self-Image

Susan Eisenberg
Arts and Public Policy; Poetry; Mixed Media Installation; Medical Humanities; Occupational Segregation 

Mei Mei Akwai Ellerman
Creative Writing; Chinese History; Family; Human Trafficking; Modern Day Slavery 

Rachel Joffe Falmagne
Psychology; Feminist Theory; Epistemology

Janet Freedman
Women’s Studies; Feminism; Women and Small Groups; Women and Leadership; Libraries and Social Change 

Karen Frostig
Visual Art; Public Memory; Activism; Feminism; Critical Theory

Rajashree Ghosh
International Development; Gender; Violence; Urban Community; Nation

Nance Goldstein
Healthcare Leadership; Physician Burnout and What Works to Reduce it, Leading Innovation and Change; Cultural Change to Reflect Workforce Diversity and New Organizational Realities 

Florence Graves
Journalism; Media; U.S. Politics; Gender Issues; Social Justice Issues

Margaret Morganroth Gullette
Cultural Studies; Age Studies; Gender and Age; Ageism; Middle Ageism

Laury Gutierrez
Women Composers; Women Composers Ibero-America; Latin American Women Music Arrangers; Ethnicity and Early Music; Opera and Oratorio by Women Composers

Suzanne B. Hanser
Music; Music Therapy; Jewish Ritual; Spirituality

Inez Hedges
Film Studies, Theater

Hilde Hein
Philosophy; Feminist Theory; Aesthetics; Museum Theory

Laurie Kahn
Media Studies; Cultural History; Popular Culture; Literature; Filmmaking 

Amelia LeClair
Women’s Early Music; Women Composers; Musical Works by Women or Anonymous

Annette Liberman Miller
Acting; Theater; Film

Jutta Lindert
Holocaust, Genocide; War; Public Mental Health; Violence 

Frinde Maher
Women and Education; Women’s Studies Education; Feminist Theory; Diversity Issues in Education

Dana Maiben
Music Composition; Women and Music; Historical Performance Practice; Musical Poetics; Feminist Musical Aesthetics

Vivian Montgomery
Women in Early Music; Antebellum American Musical Culture; Historical Performance Practice

Ruth Nemzoff
Intergenerational Relationships; In-law Relationships; Intermarriage 

Siti Nurjanah
Women's political participation in Indonesia; Women and Islam

Patricia Palmieri
U.S. Women’s History; U.S. Social History; U.S. Family History; History of the Culture of Professionalism; Gender Studies

Linda Pololi
Culture of Academic Medicine; Mentoring; Medical Faculty; Faculty Development; Women in Academic Medicine; Underrepresented in Medicine Minority Faculty

Smriti Rao
Gender and Economics; International Development; International Trade and Migration; The South Asian Economy; Agrarian Studies

Jane Ring Frank 
Music; Creative Arts

Susan Rivo
Documentary Film; Web-Based Curriculum Development

Robin A. Robinson
Critical, Psychosocial, and Feminist Criminologies; Psychological Trauma; Social Control of Women and Girls; Psychodynamic Theory; Social History of Women and Crime 

Ellen Israel Rosen
Women and Work; Urban Sociology; Class, Status and Power

Karin Rosenthal
Fine Art Photography; Curating; Teaching

Rosie Rosenzweig
Creativity; Jewish Feminism; Meditation

Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild
Documentary Film; Women’s Studies; Russian and Soviet History and Society; Jewish Women’s History; LGBTQ History 

Phoebe Kazdin Schnitzer
Gender Differences in Achievement Concerns; Sexual Education: Pre-college Experiences; Single Motherhood/Father Absence; Clinical Intervention in Poverty-Level Families 

Angela Shpolberg
Russian Social and Cultural History; Cultural Diplomacy Between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R in the Period Immediately Following the Russian Revolutions; Women’s Studies; Linguistics

Eric Silverman
Masculinity; Ritual; Fatherhood; Childhood; Melanesia

Annie V. F. Storr
Interdisciplinary Art History/Social History; Museum Studies; History of Arts Education; Audience Studies; Learning Assessement 

Pamela Swing
Women’s Suffrage; Anthropology; Creativity; Women and Spirituality; Ethnomusicology

Kristin Waters
Political Philosophy, Intellectual History, Race and Gender, Maria W. Stewart, Aphra Behn

Susan Wilson
Women’s History; Medical History; Boston History; LGBTQ History; Biography