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First things first

Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt had a long and successful relationship with Brandeis. In addition to serving on the board of trustees, she hosted a public television series on campus, taught International Relations and delivered the university’s first commencement address.

Points of Pride

The university counts among its alumni five Pulitzer Prize winners, a Nobel laureate and several Emmy Award-winning actors, broadcasters and producers.
Brandeis counts among its faculty 10 American Association for Advancement of Science fellows, seven American Academy of Arts and Sciences fellows, seven members of the National Academies, three Howard Hughes Medical Investigators and two MacArthur Fellows.
pulitzer prize medal
Researchers at the Ashton Graybiel Spatial Orientation Laboratory contributed a motion-sickness experiment to a mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery.
Smart Balance buttery spread was invented by Brandeis nutrition scientists. smart balance buttery spread
Brandeis has been ranked among the top 35 national universities by U.S. News & World Report every year since its inception.
Brandeis earned Phi Beta Kappa recognition just 13 years after its founding — faster than any institution of higher education in the country. phi beta kappa emblem
The Brandeis National Committee, with its more than 25,000 members nationwide, is one of the largest and most successful friends-of-a-library organizations.
Brandeis has won NCAA team championships in men's soccer and men's cross country. brandeis judges logo
Brandeis University Press has won three National Jewish Book Awards and has been a finalist for five others.
The U.S. Postal Service honored university namesake Louis Dembitz Brandeis in 2009 by putting his likeness on a 44-cent stamp. brandeis stamp