Pre-Health FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions handout will provide five pages of information specifically targeted to the prospective student. You will need Adobe Acrobat to access the document.

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Being a Pre-Health Mid-Year Student

First of all, congratulations on your offer of admission to Brandeis University’s Midyear class!  While you may not have initially considered starting your college career in a Spring semester rather than the fall, there are a number of benefits:

  • Senior year of high school is usually filled with tough AP classes, the stress of college admissions, and other high-pressure situations.  A semester off gives you time to mentally refresh and be ready for classes.
  • Instead of taking courses in the Fall, you can focus on other pre-health activities, such as gaining EMT certification, working in a hospital setting, or doing research full-time.
  • You will matriculate with a smaller group of students, which may help you better find others to bond with and get to know.
  • You will start with Spring semester courses including your UWS, without the stress of premed pre-requisite courses, since the pre-requisites all begin in the Fall semester.
Being pre-health whenever you begin your education requires careful academic planning.  If you would like to begin your science coursework before your midyear entrance, incoming midyear students also have the option to enroll in first semester general chemistry during Brandeis Summer School.  You’ll be taught by a top-rated instructor using the same textbook, protocols and experiments as Brandeis’s Fall Term general chemistry class. You can check out the summer school option at:

Feel free to contact us with any questions - we are delighted to help you plan out your pre-med experience here at Brandeis!