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Student Biographies

Vinh Nguyen
Class of 2015
Major: Biology Minor: Teacher Studies

Originally born in Indonesia, Vinh came to America when he was eight and has since then been proud to call Worcester, Massachusetts his hometown. With Education close to this heart, Vinh plans to become a high school biology teacher--but really that's just his excuse to wear cardigans and bow-ties everyday. When he's not in class, Vinh can be found volunteering with Brandeis Buddies, being creative with Fashion Club, getting lost in the MFA or daydreaming about being an Iron Chef. Having been inspired by his fellow SSSP students, Vinh hopes to give back to the SSSP community and leave a positive impact on Brandeis during his time on SLB. Vinh is beyond excited to work on I AM along with his talented board members and cannot wait to see their hard work come together. It's going to be a global experience!!!

Teresa Fong
Class 2015
Major Interests: HSSP and Economics

One late afternoon in May of 1993, Teresa Fong arrived into the world in the small islands of Fiji, located off the coast of Australia. After eight years of living in paradise islands, she moved with her family to the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. The Fijian people live down under, where snow is nonexistent, unless you look into a refrigerator. She viewed her first snowfall as a blessing, for the beauty was overwhelming. As time passed, she despises the snow and its filthy slush that inevitably results. She loves spring and all the flowers, rabbits and clouds, which remind her of paradise. As of now, she can be found chasing the chubby bunnies and plump squirrels of Brandeis.

Aissatou Ka
Class of 2013
Major: Chemistry, Minor in AAAS

Aissatou Ka is a senior majoring in Chemical Biology and minoring in African and African American Studies. She was born in Senegal but calls New York her second home. She can be found in the library with her nose in a textbook or in front of a computer screen. When the professors decide to give her a break, she spends her time catching up on her favorite shows. Aissatou has been working on a research project that is a collaboration between Lovett/Petsko labs. She enjoys being a part of SLB and is excited for the events the board will be hosting this year.

Erin (Tuen-Wing) Fan
Class of 2013
Major: Biochemistry, Minors in CompSci and Business

Erin is a senior with a double major in Biology and Computer Science and a minor in Business. She lives in Newton, MA, but was originally from Hong Kong. Constantly on her computer, she spends way too much time gaming, facebooking, and photoshopping - she loves designing logos and flyers for SLB events! Aside from SLB, she's involved with the Pre-Dental Society, Pottery Club, Waltham Group, and a few cultural clubs. She works at the Hayes and Grigorieff Labs and on weekends, she tutors high school students at KKCS Newton Learning Center.

Katrina Osborne
Class of 2013
Major: HSSP and Music, Minor : Italian

Katrina is a senior majoring in Health: Science, Society and Policy and Music, with a minor in Italian Studies. She loves working in both the health field and creative arts and has a unique double-major to prove it. She also has passions for education and working with people with disabilities. As a coordinator for the English Language Learning initiative, she helps organize English lessons for Brandeis employees, and she also provides weekly lessons to an English learner. Through SPECTRUM, Brandeis's disability awareness group, Katrina helps lead children with autism and other disabilities in a regular playgroup. She spent an amazing spring semester of her junior year studying music at Royal Holloway University of London. Katrina is training in voice, piano and guitar, and hopes to somehow utilize her love for music and art in the health field after she graduates.

Ajai Scott
Class of 2015
Majors : IGS and Sociology Minor: Business

Some of Ajai's extracurricular activities are not just being on the SLB but being on the Finance Board (F-board) as well as the member of the TAMID: Israel Investment Group and the Women of Color Alliance (WOCA). She is now in the works of planning to study abroad for a full academic year from 2013-2014. She intends to spend the fall semester in Cochabamba, Bolivia and the spring in The Hague, The Netherlands and visit the International Criminal Court.

Lien Phung
Class 2013
Major: Biochemistry and Economics

Rupert Thomas
Class of 2014
Major: Psychology