Academic Opportunities


Four and Five Year BA/MA Programs

The four-year bachelor's/master's programs are designed to enable exceptional undergraduates to earn two degrees simultaneously during their period of study at Brandeis. In the five-year bachelor's/masters program, the bachelor's degree is conferred at the end of the fourth year, and the requirements for a master's degree are satisfied with one additional year of study at the graduate level.  Refer to the current University Bulletin for participating programs.

Students who are interested in these opportunities should contact the Undergraduate Advising Head for their department no later than second semester of their sophomore year.  Additional information on the regulations for a dual BA/MA program can be found in the University Bulletin.       

Columbia University's Law School's Accelerated Program

Brandeis is affiliated with Columbia University Law School in a special program that allows two outstanding students to be considered for admission to the law school after three years (6 Fall/Spring semesters) at Brandeis. Students must have completed twenty-eight courses, have taken the Law School Admission Test, and have been nominated by Brandeis after a rigorous screening process. Students accepted by the Columbia University Law School will complete their four courses required for the completion of the Brandeis degree during their second and third years at the law school. They will be awarded the Brandeis BA and the Columbia JD simultaneously.

The advantage of the program is that it allows students to complete their undergraduate and graduate work in a shorter amount of time.  The most successful candidates for this program are those with grade point averages of 3.70 or above and LSAT scores of  at least 170. Students interested in this program are advised to seek additional information at the outset of their fourth semester at Hiatt Career Services.

Columbia University School of Engineering Combined Degree Program

Brandeis University and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University have established a dual degree program whereby students complete three years of course work at Brandeis, then spend two years at Columbia University to complete the requirements for an engineering degree. Students admitted to the program and completing it successfully would be awarded a bachelor's degree from Brandeis University and a BS in engineering from Columbia University.

Interested students should consult the program coordinator as soon as possible in order to plan their curriculum to meet Columbia prerequisites. Interested candidates must apply to the program in the spring semester of their final year at Brandeis for admission to Columbia University in the subsequent fall semester.  In order to qualify for the guaranteed admission by the end of the last semester at Brandeis the students need to complete: (1)  all general Brandeis University requirements for graduation, (2) choose any major offered at Brandeis and complete all the requirements associated with that major and (3) choose an engineering discipline that will be pursued at Columbia and complete all the courses associated with this discipline. The exact GPA requirements depend on the year the student has matriculated at Brandeis University.

For additional information the students should refer to the Curriculum Guide with Brandeis equivalent courses for the academic year they entered Brandeis. This guide will outline what courses need to be taken at Brandeis to qualify for the guaranteed admission. We have also created a planning worksheet that is helpful for students.

**Please note that for students matriculating at Brandeis in Summer 2019 and later, Columbia will no longer offer the guaranteed admission program. Students who matriculated in Spring 2019 or earlier can apply through the guaranteed admission or competitive admission process. Students matriculating in Summer 2019 or later will only be eligible for the competitive process.

2015-2016 Curriculum Guide

2016-2017 Curriculum Guide

2017-2018 Curriculum Guide

Additionally, here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions compiled by the Columbia program.

Students should contact the official program liaison, Elizabeth Rotolo, for further information.

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering Certificate in Engineering

Olin College offers a five-course Certificate in Engineering for students at Brandeis as part of a special collaboration. This certificate is not equivalent to an engineering degree, but represents a substantial investment in engineering courses that could help students pursue a wider field of postgraduate opportunities in industry or graduate school. The courses of study are designed to provide the student with a fundamental understanding of an engineering field, and typically consist of courses ranging from introductory engineering courses to advanced courses.

One of the five courses may be an approved Brandeis course with the remaining four taken through cross-registration at Olin.  There are six programs of study: Engineering Design, Materials Engineering, Bioengineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Engineering Systems.  Students who pursue this option typically major in computer science and/or physics. Please refer to Olin's website for further details and to explore academic options.