New Double Major FAQs

As of the fall 2016, the English Department and Creative Writing Program are changing the double major requirements.
a.) The same number of courses are required.
b.) A close reading course is required instead of a core course.
c.) A foundational texts course is not required.
d.) Majors are required to take a class in each of the following three categories:
   Literary Theory
   Multicultural/World Anglophone
e.) At least two courses that majors take to fulfill requirements must be at the 100-level in which they write 12+ page papers.


How will these changes affect me?
If you declared the major before the fall 2016, these changes will not affect you. You can still pursue the major with the requirements in place when you declared the major. The Department will be offering courses that will fulfill those requirements.

Can I change to requirements for the new major?
If you are interested in changing to the new requirements, you should meet with your advisor or the UAH to determine if switching is appropriate.


How will these changes affect me?
Students who enrolled in Brandeis as of the fall 2016 need to pursue these new requirements. 

How can I fulfill the 12+ page paper requirement?

You can a) take a 100-level course in which a 12+ page paper is required or b) take a 100-level course in which the 12+ page paper is optional. Please check our list of courses to find out which courses are available for this requirement each semester.

Requirements for the English/Creative Writing Double Major

Below is a summary of the requirements. For complete information please refer to the Brandeis University Bulletin.

Courses only fulfill the requirement under which they are listed. See the listing of courses on this site and in the Brandeis University Bulletin. For other restrictions, please see the section "Special Notes Relating to Undergraduates" in the Bulletin.

This major may be declared upon the completion of three courses in directed writing and a course focused on close reading. Fourteen semester courses are required; fifteen if pursuing honors in literature or the poetry or fiction thesis option, including the following:

Major as of Fall 2016 Major before Fall 2016
Close Reading Course: ENG 10b, ENG 11a, ENG 11b Core Course: ENG 1a or ENG 11a
Foundational Course Not required. Can be taken as an elective. Required
Two courses pre-1800 Required Required
Two courses post-1800 Required Required
One course in Literary Theory Required One course from either of these two categories.
One course in Media/Film Required
One course Multcultural/World Anglophone Required Required
One elective Required Required
One course in a studio or performing art Required Required
At least two of the above courses must be 100-level courses for which students write 12+ page papers (excluding courses ending in 9). At least two of the above courses must be 100-level courses (excluding courses ending in 9).
Four Creative Writing Workshops Required Required