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The faculty of the Brandeis University Department of English stands in solidarity with the students of 
‪#‎FordHall2015‬, and with our colleagues in the Department of African and Afro-American Studies, in calling on the university to fulfill its commitments to social justice and diversity. We applaud the courage and determination of the Concerned Students. We accept our responsibility to educate ourselves and our students to confront racism on our campus and in our world. We call upon the senior administration and the Board of Trustees to take immediate, concrete steps toward transforming Brandeis into a fully inclusive university.

In addition to being inherently pleasurable and intellectually exciting, majoring or minoring in English helps develop important skills. English students learn how to read carefully and closely, write skillfully and stylishly, and argue analytically and critically. Students study not only poetry and prose, but also films, journalism, television, and the Internet. Graduates of the English department at Brandeis have gone on to become scientists, businesspeople, professors, lawyers, filmmakers, television producers, psychologists, fiction writers, poets, literary agents and social activists.