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Rabb 244
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Tom King

Thomas King

The Gendering of Men, vol 2 (2008) King


Associate Professor
Ph.D., Northwestern University

Research Interests

Early Modern English Drama and Social Performance, Eighteenth-Century British Studies, Performance Studies, Queer Studies, Gender Studies.

Selected Publications

The Gendering of Men, 1600-1750, vol two: Queer Articulations, University of Wisconsin Press, 2008

The Gendering of Men, 1600-1750, vol. one: The English Phallus, University of Wisconsin Press, 2004


"Barry's Ear." Eighteenth Century Theory and Interpretation (ECTI). Special issue in honor of Hans Turley, edited by Kathryn King. Forthcoming

"In Defense of Gay/Performance." With Moe Meyer. In Moe Meyer, An archaeology of Posing: Essays on Camp, Drag, and Sexuality. University of Wisconsin Press-Macater Press, 2010.

"The Subject at the End of the Voice." Reprinted in Considering Calamity: Methods for Performance Research. Ed. Linda Ben-Zvi and Tracy C. Davis. Israel: Assaph Books, 2007. 55-95.

"The Subject at the End of the Voice." Assaph: Studies in the Theatre. no. 21: Special Issue: Considering Calamity: Methods for Performance Research, ed. Tracy C. Davis and Linda Ben-Zvi (2007): 55-95.

"How (Not) to Queer Boswell." In Queer People: Negotiations and Expressions of Homosexuality, 1700-1800. Ed. Chris Mounsey and Caroline Gonda. The Bucknell Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture. Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell University Press, 2007. 114-58.

"The Castrato's Castration." SEL: Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900. Restoration and Eighteenth Century, 46, no. 3 (Summer 2006): 563-84.

"Gender and Modernity: Male Looks and the Performance of Public Pleasures." Monstrous Dreams of Reason, ed. Choudhury and Rosenthal, 2002
"The Fop, The Canting Queen, and the Deferral of Gender," Presenting Gender, ed. Mounsey, 2001
"M/S, or Making the Scene: An Erotics of Space," Queen: A Journal of Rhetoric and Power, 2000

"Performing 'Akimbo'," The Politics and Poetics of Camp, ed. Morris Meyer, Routledge, 1994

More articles and reviews in The Drama Review; Modern Drama; Strategic Sex, ed D. Travers Scott; Theatre Insight; Theatre Journal; and Theatre Studies.

Current Projects

The Subject at the End of the Voice: An investigation of subjectivity as an aural effect, drawing on seventeenth- and eighteenth-century dramatic verse; acting, oratory, and rhetorical manuals; conversational etiquette; the oral performance of letters; and collections of sayings, with a focus on the circle of James Boswell, Samuel Johnson, David Garrick, Thomas Sheridan, and Hester Thrale Piozzi, and their encounters with central and peripheral Enlightenment figures.

The Mapping Brandeis Project
     A portal to cognitive and experiential maps of the Brandeis University campus, The Mapping Brandeis Project encourages reflection on everyday and aesthetic performance practices as these are concretely situated in the spaces of our campus.
     Exploring performance both as a means of embodied research and as a vehicle for presenting research, we have engaged, analyzed, and reimagined space and spatial practices here at Brandeis University.
     Through your interactions with the site, you can join us in documenting past and current uses of the campus space and imagining future, as yet unrealized and perhaps unpredictable, spatial practices on campus.

Selected Courses Taught

The Body as Text: Castiglione to Locke (ENG 144b)
Gender Studies (ENG 201a)
Remembering & Dismembering: Staging the Body in Early Modern England (ENG 23a)
Queer Readings: Before Stonewall (ENG 28b)
Queer Readings: Beyond Stonewall (ENG 87b)
From Libertinism to Sensibility: Pleasure and the Theatre, 1660-1800 (ENG 64b)
Queer Studies (ENG 151a)
Theater/Theory: Investigating Performance (ENG 151b)
Making Sex, Performing Gender (ENG 181a)
Performing the Early Modern Self (ENG 231a)
Making it Real: Tactics of Discourse (ENG 280a)