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Rabb 131
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To declare the English major, please visit Laura Quinney, Undergraduate Advising Head, during her office hours. Scheduling an appointment is not necessary.

See Professor Quinney's Faculty Guide page for more information.

Laura Quinney

William Blake on Self and Soul (2009) Quinney

Ph.D., Cornell University

Research Interests

Romanticism, 18th-Century, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis.

Selected Publications

New Ghosts
Borderland Books, 2016

William Blake on Self and Soul

Harvard University Press, 2009

The Poetics of Disappointment
Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1999.
Literary Power and the Criteria of Truth
Gainesville: University Press of Florida 1995.

Articles in European Romantic Review, ELH, Philosophy and Literature, and reviews in the
London Review of Books.


Newhouse Fellowship at Wellesley College 2009-10

Selected Courses Taught

Romanticism I: Blake, Wordsworth, & Coleridge (ENG 125a)
Romanticism II: Byron, Shelley and Keats (ENG 125b)
Hume, Johnson, and Rouseau (ENG 104a)
Theories of the Self (ENG 111a)
Contemporary Poetry (ENG 247b)