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Studio Art Program

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The Studio Art Program cultivates and nurtures students’ personal visions through the practice of the various creative disciplines, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, and digital media. At Brandeis, students’ individualized practices in the studio are informed by both an awareness of the history of art and also by their own experiences to achieve unique visual expressions. Students regard their work in the studio as a challenging mode of intellectual inquiry. This leads students to take personal risks that intensifies visual intuition and prepares them to sustain their practices outside of an academic structure.  With course requirements in art history, students gain the ability to develop their work with a growing understanding of the history of art and its theoretical and aesthetic concepts. Furthermore, student bring additional ideas and insights garnered in their broad academic studies of sciences, social sciences, and humanities as well as the other creative arts like music and performance. 

The studio art faculty teaches courses in drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, and digital media. At the introductory level, topic themed courses are designed to provide greater focus on specific subjects, such as life drawing and wet media. Then, intermediate and advanced courses provide the opportunity to build on the core fundamentals learned in the introductory classes. During senior year, majors pursue advanced research in senior studio, a year long course designed for in-depth study in one discipline. 

Core Skills:

  • Studio art majors develop the following skills and techniques in this program:
  • The discipline and focus to develop a rigorous and introspective studio practice, both individually and collaboratively
  • Refined studio practice
  • Ability to be involved in critical discussions about one’s own work and that of other artists
  • Ability to visually articulate content and meaning through form
  • Understanding of self in the context of the practice of art

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