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FA 31A — Global History of Architecture: Prehistory to the 15th Century
Surveys the history of architecture from a global perspective, from prehistory to the fifteenth century. It will look at the influences of climactic, technological, and societal changes that impacted architectural production. Special one-time offering, fall 2016. Taught by Professor Jordan Kauffman. Fulfills the CA or NW requirement. Meets M, W, Th 9-9:50am.

FA 175A — Moving Images: Israeli Video Art in Context
Studies Israeli video artists who have become world renowned for their innovative contributions to the genre. In this course, we will view, analyze, and interpret Israeli video art, tracing its historical and 'genealogical' trajectory, thematic foci, formal concerns, iconographical sources and the diverse regional, political, and art historical contexts within which it is being produced and exhibited. Taught by Professor Gannit Ankori. Fulfills the CA requirement. Meets Th 2-4:50pm.

Welcome to the Fine Arts Department

The Department of Fine Arts welcomes students to experience art through scholarship and as a process of creation. By uniting intellectual inquiry with artist excellence, we affirm the importance of a broad education and prepare our students for creative participation in a changing society. Our programs include:

Studio Art
History of Art
Post-Baccalaureate Program in Studio Art

Founded in 1951 by social realist painter, Mitchell Siporin, the Department of Fine Arts features a distinguished faculty of acclaimed artists and accomplished art historians. Though the department consists of two separate majors and one minor, the curriculum overlaps as we aim to imbue studio artists with a rich historical context and grant art historians a hands-on exposure to the practice.