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Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies Track

Nine courses pertaining to Bible and Ancient Near East, apart from the primary ancient near eastern language requirement (C), are required for the major. A single course may fulfill requirements in multiple categories.

A. Distribution Requirement: Students must complete one course in each of the following three chronological periods:

Hebrew Bible/Ancient Israel
NEJS 10a, 103a, 104a, 105a, 106a, 110b, 111a, 112a, 113a,113b, 114b, 115b, 117b, 118b, 121b, 122b.

Ancient Near East
NEJS 9a, 101a, 102a, 106a, 113a, 116a, 122a.

Early Post-Biblical or Rabbinic Judaism, early Christianity, medieval commentaries
NEJS 25a, 113a, 117b, 123b, 125b, 126a, 126b, 127a, 127b, 128a, 130a, 148b, 155b.

B. Comparative Requirement: Students must complete one course that provides a comparative context for Bible and Ancient Near East that broadens the contextual or methodological horizons of Near Eastern study (e.g., in classics, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, religious studies, or literary theory), to be determined in consultation with the student's advisor. These courses may include: ANTH 105a, 123a, 136a, 153a, 186b, CLAS 100a, 167b, 170a, 190b, LING 100a, 110a, 115a, 120b, 125b. 

C. Primary Language Requirement: Students must complete four semesters of the study of an ancient Near Eastern language (typically biblical Hebrew or Akkadian). For biblical Hebrew, students should take or test out of first year modern Hebrew, then take NEJS 10a and one Biblical Hebrew text course. These courses include: NEJS 110b, 112a, 114b, 118b, 119a, 121b, 122b.

D. Secondary Language Requirement: Students must study one other ancient Near Eastern or related language to the second semester level (Hebrew, Akkadian, Greek, Arabic, or two semesters from a combination of Ugaritic, Aramaic, Hittite, or Comparative Semitics).

Akkadian: NEJS 101a and 200b; Hebrew: HBRW 10a and 20a; Greek: GRK 10a and 20b; Arabic: ARBC 10a and 20b; or two courses from the following: NEJS 102a (Hittite), NEJS 104a (Comparative Semitics), NEJS 106a (Ugaritic), NEJS 113a (Aramaic).