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Paul Benjamin Cherlin

Paul Benjamin Cherlin

Paul has recently completed his dissertation, titled A Naturalistic Ontology of Generic Traits and Emergent Phenomena: A Deweyan Approach to Metaphysics.

Paul’s time at Brandeis was a one of great transformation and learning. He fondly reflects upon the warm and supportive faculty that he had the opportunity to work with, including Richard Gaskins, Robert Greenberg, Berislav Marušić, and Kate Moran. He especially misses having conversations with Julie Seeger.

After receiving his MA from Brandeis, Paul attended Southern Illinois University in order to become immersed in the American and Continental traditions and, more generally, in the history of philosophy. Paul specializes in the Classical Pragmatists (Dewey, James, Peirce). Paul also continues to specialize in figures associated with the Continental tradition, focusing on Kant through 19th century German thought (especially Hegel). Other enduring interests include ethics, Modern philosophy (he loves teaching the Modernists), and the Philosophy of Science.

Paul is on the editorial board of The Journal of School & Society, a journal of The John Dewey Society. He is also currently the editor-in-chief of Kinesis, a peer-reviewed journal in philosophy. Paul has published pieces in academic journals, such as Contemporary Pragmatism, and has participated in a variety of professional conferences. He has been an invited panelist at the American Philosophical Association.