Department of Philosophy

Faculty and Staff

Katrina Elliott
Katrina Elliott
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Colloquium Co-Chair
781-736-3043 Rabb Graduate Center 306
Office Hours: 2:10-3 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays

Expertise: Philosophy of science, metaphysics (metaphysics of chance, reductionism, time travel)

peter epstein
Peter Epstein
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Acting Director of Graduate Studies and Colloquium Co-Chair, Philosophy
Mandel Center for the Humanities 109
Office Hours: On leave Spring 2024

Expertise: Philosophy of mind, epistemology and philosophy of science

eli hirsch
Eli Hirsch
Charles Goldman Professor of Philosophy
Undergraduate Adviser
781-736-2785 Rabb Graduate Center 331
Office Hours: 2:30-4:30 p.m. Fridays

Expertise: Metaphysics, epistemology, medical ethics

jordan kokot
Jordan Kokot
Visiting Assistant Professor
Rabb 311

Expertise: Jordan specializes in the philosophy and ethics of technology, phenomenology and the philosophy of art. His current research focuses on the ethical, social and phenomenological intersections of virtual reality, extended reality and artificial intelligence. He understands technology primarily in terms of "mediation relations" where technologies and their users co-substantiate each other in a shared techno-social world, a critical lens given the meteoric rise social media and computing technologies. He has presented his work at IACAPSPEP, and the Harvard/MIT Social & Ethical Responsibilities of Computing Conference, and has taught courses on ethics and technology at a number of Boston area universities.

philosophy chair kathleen moran
Kathleen A. Moran
Associate Professor of Philosophy
781-736-2695 Mandel Center for the Humanities 111

Expertise: Immanuel Kant, moral philosophy, history of philosophy

jerry samet
Jerry Samet
Associate Professor of Philosophy
781-736-2783 Rabb Graduate Center 305
Office Hours: On Leave 2022-24

Expertise: Philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, cognitive science, history of philosophy, philosophy of science

umrao sethi, assistant professor
Umrao Sethi
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
781 736-2794 Mandel Center for the Humanities 112
Office Hours: On Leave 2022-24

Expertise: Philosophy of mind, metaphysics, early modern philosophy, metaphysics of perceptual experience and the nature of sensible qualities

marion smiley
Marion Smiley
J.P. Morgan Chase Professor of Ethics
Honors Adviser, Philosophy
781-736-2792 Mandel Center for the Humanities 110
Office Hours: On Leave 2023-24

Expertise: Moral, social and political philosophy

palle yourgrau
Palle Yourgrau
Harry A. Wolfson Professor of Philosophy
781-736-2782 Rabb Graduate Center 332

Expertise: Philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics, Gödel and the philosophy of time, the metaphysics of death, Plato, Frege, Simone Weil.


Matthew Souba
Matthew Souba
Rabb Graduate Center 330

Education: Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Expertise: Mathematical Logic, The Foundations of Mathematics

Much of my work centers on the philosophical significance of results in proof theory. In particular I have examined the epistemological consequences of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems on Hilbert's Program.

In Memoriam

robert greenberg
Robert Greenberg
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

The Philosophy Department mourns the passing of Robert Greenberg, who died peacefully in his sleep on March 21, 2024 at the age of 89.

Affiliated Faculty


julie seeger
Julie Seeger
Academic Administrator
781-736-2789 Rabb Graduate Center 303

Julie Seeger has served since 2004 as academic administrator for the philosophy department. Prior to joining Brandeis, she worked as a project manager at two computer software firms, Banta Integrated Media and Electronic Press Services Group.

Seeger is a graduate of Union College and holds a master's in philosophy from SUNY Binghamton. In 2010, she received the Lou Ennis Staff Award, presented annually to an administrator who demonstrates loyalty and dedication to the university and goes above and beyond the requirements of the job.