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Undergraduate Program

The Bachelor of Arts Program teaches invaluable skills essential to any career, such as critical thinking, sound reasoning, analytical writing, and the capacity to analyze and solve complex problems.


Graduate Program

The Master’s Program provides students with a strong grounding in the major areas of the discipline and is designed primarily for those who wish to do advanced scholarly work in philosophy, as well as in other fields.



The Brandeis Philosophy Department is very proud to announce that our own UDR, Emma Farrell, has won the 2017-2018 J.V. Cunningham Award for Excellence in Writing. Her paper, “Sartre and Murdoch, Action and Vision,” was judged to be an outstanding example of writing and critical thinking.


Philosophy is one of the top-earning Humanities majors right out of college!


What can I do with a B.A. in Philosophy?

Some recent research on the career value of a Philosophy major
(even if you don’t intend to become a Philosophy professor)

No one gets into philosophy for the money, but many people still think that choosing to major in philosophy is tantamount to choosing to be poor.  For those of you thinking about a Philosophy major, the good news is that this is wrong.  

This page brings together a number of statistical studies and articles that highlight both the economic value of a Philosophy major in the workplace, and how the special skills that Philosophy majors tend to have add value in the workplace.

The good news on the financial front is that Philosophy is one of the top-earning Humanities majors right out of college, and, after about 10 years in the work force, the lead begins to grow significantly.  After 20 years in the workforce, Philosophy pulls away as a big outlier among the Humanities.  We’re pretty competitive with business and healthcare degrees, and decent in comparison with the sciences.  You can see the data complied by Payscale hereThe Atlantic has run a number of pieces in recent years on the value of a Philosophy education (in 2015 and 2011) and Forbes has been reporting on the value of humanities in general, philosophy receiving particular praise (in 2015 and 2014).

Daily Nous has good comparative data about the stellar exam performance by Philosophy students on the GRE, LSAT, and GMAT, which you can see here.

A philosophy degree is extremely good for medical school, too -- the relevant statistic: Philosophy is among the majors with the highest acceptance rates, higher than Biology majors, as reported by Gapmedics.com and the American Medical Students Association.

Of course, if there are particular careers you are excited about, it makes sense to learn field-specific information.  But, given the prevalence of double-majors at Brandeis, consider that studying philosophy will help you gain reasoning and communication skills that will be useful in any field. 

Here are some other news sources that explore the same themes:

Wall Street Journal - Degrees That Pay You Back

Huffington Post - Why Philosophy Majors Rule

Chicago Business Journal - The Value of Philosophy to a Leader

Yahoo Finance - A Philosophy Degree Earns More than an Accounting Degree

Syracuse.com - Graduating with a Philosophy Degree?  There's More than Starbucks in Your Future

Business Insider - Successful Philosophy Majors

Business Insider - 11 Reasons to Major in the Humanities

The Philosophy Department at Indiana U of Pennsylvania website has an article that also pulls together a lot of material on these topics.  For more, see: https://www.iup.edu/philosophy/about/

Note: We’ve favored articles that are recent, and not merely op-ed.  


Prepared by: Ben Sherman and Jerry Samet (Philosophy/Brandeis).  If you have information you think should be included on this page, please email samet@brandeis.edu

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