Undergraduate Departmental Representatives

Undergraduate departmental representatives are responsible for opening avenues of communication between undergraduates and departmental faculty.

They also provide academic and career information to majors, minors and prospective students; organize meetings and information sessions on topics related to the program; disseminate information on current department events and activities; and serve as ambassadors for the department at university-wide events such as admitted students day and the academic fair.

Fall 2020 UDRs

jacob knauer, undergraduate department representative for philosophy
Jacob Knauer ’22
Undergraduate Departmental Representative

Jacob is a junior looking to major in philosophy while also exploring mathematics, sociology and political science. He is interested in the fields of ontology and phenomenology and their relation to epistemology and metaphysics. He also hopes to explore practical applications of philosophy from public policy to scientific theory.

alexander kougasian, undergraduate department representative for philosophy
Alexander Kougasian ’21
Undergraduate Departmental Representative

Alex is a senior pursuing a major in philosophy and a minor in computer science. His exploration of philosophy at Brandeis has made him most interested in questions pertaining to morality through a skeptical lens. He also writes opinion pieces for the Brandeis Hoot which are heavily influenced by his philosophical background.

jessica wei, undergraduate department representative in philosophy
Jessica Wei '21
Undergraduate Departmental Representative

Hello! I am a Senior from Guangzhou, China, majoring in philosophy. I'm interested in metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of religion. I am constantly puzzled by mental causation (and causation itself), the problem of free will, and personal identity, among other philosophical puzzles. Outside of philosophy, I like to explore evolutionary biology and cultural anthropology. In my free time, I enjoy playing racquetball and cooking Chinese food.