Department of Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Philosophy is a field that explores the questions that are fundamental to us as humans: What can we know? What is free will? What is justice? What is the mind? As such, philosophy is a cornerstone of a liberal arts education.

As you study philosophy at Brandeis, you will practice thinking clearly and systematically about these and other questions. As a philosophy major or minor, you will acquire skills — critical thinking, nimble reasoning, imaginative problem-solving, written and oral eloquence — that will stand you in good stead for the career you choose, and for a life well lived.

Why Brandeis?

Brandeis is a great place to study philosophy. Our department has been ranked among the top undergraduate programs in the country. In keeping with the Brandeis commitment to teaching, our faculty are at once distinguished scholars and dedicated, accessible educators.

As a philosophy major, you’ll be solidly prepared for graduate work in the field as well as for a career in law, medicine, business, diplomacy, filmmaking — anything that demands thinking and communicating.

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Careers and Graduate Study

“The philosophy department at Brandeis was a unique, immersive experience. I often found myself having conversations with my professors outside of the classroom, over coffee and at dinner.”

Richard Wendell '97