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Teaching  Assistant for LING 130a Formal Semantics (Spring 2014)

Office: Rabb 360

Office Hours: Mon. 10:30am to 12:00pm


Brian Wermcrantz


Brian earned his undergraduate degree from Grinnell College, where his interests in math and neuroscience gradually evolved into a passion for philosophy. After graduating, he embarked on his teaching career by working as a Grinnell Corps Fellow for a year in Macau, China, and then spending two years in South Korea with the Fulbright Program.

As a young graduate student, Brian's research interests are deliberately flexible, although they tend to concern the philosophy of mind, as well as metaphysics and epistemology. Within these subject areas, some of his current interests include self-knowledge of mental states, intentional action, perceptual psychology, and arguments for and against physicalism.  

Apart from academics, Brian enjoys skiing, cooking, and listening to music. He will also happily exchange travel stories with anyone.