Brian Wermcrantz

Brian Wermcrantz

Brian grew up in a suburb of Seattle and earned his undergraduate degree at Grinnell College. It took him a few years, but eventually he discovered his passion for philosophy of mind and cognitive science. Brian had tremendous admiration for his professors at Grinnell, so much so that he was motivated to pursue a career in teaching. After graduating, Brian taught English as a foreign language and analytical writing for three years in East Asia.

The philosophy MA program at Brandeis was a rich opportunity for Brian to develop his budding interest in philosophy of mind. His research interests—which continue to evolve—mainly involved philosophy of mind, cognitive science, philosophy of action, and moral psychology. Brandeis was especially beneficial to Brian's philosophical development due excellent classes and mentoring from Beri Marušić, Jerry Samet, and Eli Hirsch.

Brian also benefited from his time at Brandeis by collaborating and socializing with a cohort of smart, motivated colleagues, who shared a passion for research and teaching. Brian was continually challenged and inspired by his fellow graduate students, and will forever appreciate working with and learning from them.   

After Brandeis, Brian was not ready to leave the Boston area, and decided to spend another year in the area before applying to philosophy PhD programs. In the fall, Brian will be enrolling in a philosophy PhD program, which will be the next, and final, step towards his prospective career as a philosophy professor.


Editor's Note: In Fall 2017 Brian will be at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst working towards his PhD in philosophy