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Department News

Congratulations to our Chair, Professor Karen Hansen, for being named the Director of Brandeis' Women's Studies Research Center! See more at BrandeisNOW.

Read recent Ph.D. alum Ashley Rondini's op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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We have established a fund in honor of Peter Conrad's retirement!
The fund will be used to help graduate students with their research projects.
To make a gift to this fund, click here.
Peter Conrad
Check out the blurb from BrandeisNOW on Peter Conrad's retirement here

2017 Sociology Newsletter!

Inside Higher Ed wrote an interesting article about how the social sciences produce leaders. Read all about it!

Welcome to Sociology

Brandeis’ renowned program in sociology provides a distinct combination of critical scholarly analysis, hands-on fieldwork experience, service learning, and leadership. Through active and collaborative learning, our students master advanced theory and research techniques and have opportunities to engage in the community and the world as active, self-reflective change agents.

While the department offers a range of methods, including historical, quantitative and comparative, we specialize in qualitative analysis. In addition to theory and methods, we focus on gender and feminist studies; institutions, culture and religion; sociology of health and illness; and politics and social change.

Our faculty members and graduates—including more than 200 Ph.D. recipients—have done innovative, often pathbreaking work in the discipline. Their scholarship has influenced the formation of significant movements and policies for democratic change. The department's founding traditions of European theorizing and "Chicago School" field studies have been continually enriched with feminist and other critical theoretical approaches, as well as through comparative institutional analyses in a globalizing world.