2015-2016 Undergraduate Departmental Representatives

Sharon Cai '18

Sharon Cai is a junior from Brooklyn, NY majoring in Sociology and Health: Science, Society & Policy. On campus, she is a Community Advisor and currently involved with Brandeis Pluralism Alliance Steering Committee and United Against Inequities in Disease. Her studies focus on social determinants of health and illness and inequalities in healthcare. She spent summer 2016 in the “Health, Law & Justice” Justice Brandeis Summer program and studied abroad fall 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark studying Public Health. If you have any questions about the sociology department, co-curricular opportunities, or anything else, please feel free to reach out to her at sharoncai@brandeis.edu!

Sharon Cai

Kimberly Montano '17

Kimberly Montano is a senior from Los Angeles, California and on a pre-med track. Majoring in Biology and Sociology with a minor in Chemistry, she hopes to become a surgical Physician Assistant focusing on pediatric oncology/hematology. She currently volunteers at Prospect Hill, Spectrum, and is an undergrad research assistant for the Wangh Lab. Her lab project focuses on HPV linked to cervical cancer, and she is currently working on her senior thesis. Sociology of health and illness sparked her interest in sociology, and she’s thrilled to represent two different departments at Brandeis. She hopes to be a liaison for any undergrads, and especially those that are interested in Sociology while having interests in other fields. You may reach her at kmontano@brandeis.edu if you have questions or would like advice about the Sociology Department! 

Kimberly Montano

Allison Plotnik '18

Allison Plotnik is a junior from Rochester, NY majoring in Sociology and Education Studies. On campus, she is the senior copy editor and treasurer for The Brandeis Hoot, chats at admissions, and is involved with Waltham Group. Within the field of sociology, she is focused on education and inequalities in the education system. This summer, she will be working in the programming office at a Jewish summer camp in Upstate New York. After returning to Brandeis for the fall, she plans to study Sociology and Child Development & Diversity in Copenhagen, Denmark for the spring 2017 semester. Feel free to email her at aplotnik@brandeis.edu with any questions about sociology or anything else. 

Jessica Star '17

Jessica Star is a senior majoring in Sociology and Theater Arts. She is currently working on her senior thesis in the Sociology Department with hopes of pursuing a PhD in Medical Sociology next year. She is also a member of Proscenium Acapella, Orientation Leader, and a Stage Manager/Lighting Designer for Hold thy Peace and the Undergraduate Theater Collective. This summer she will be going to Peru to teach English, and is excited to be an Undergraduate Department Representative for her second year. Feel free to email her at jstar@brandeis.edu if you have any questions about the Sociology department. She is very excited to meet all of you!

Jessica Star