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Our Mission


Faculty Adrianne Krstansky in "The Bacchae" (2006)

The mission of the Department of Theater Arts is to reveal the theater’s unique ability to incorporate diversity and community in a sophisticated process of creative expression that results in plays and musical theater pieces of artistic and social significance. Through a twofold path of academic inquiry and practical artistic experience, we help students develop an understanding of dramatic literature in theory and historical context as well as in action. Students have the opportunity to experience the strength and immediacy of live theater through the production and performance of plays and musical theater pieces, including dance and movement, in the multiple spaces of the Spingold Theater Center.

The Department of Theater Arts views the theater as a centuries-old system for creating awareness of groups and their place in the wider universe of experience. In production, we examine the concept of “company” or “ensemble” as an integral part of developing an effective creative community. The theater group, utilizing the building blocks of time and space, applies the tools of physical movement, language, sound and music, light, and visual image in a rich collaborative process whose goal is the practical interpretation of important dramatic and musical theater works. In its creative process, the Department of Theater Arts continually reflects the mission of Brandeis University as a place where collaborative artistic achievement serves as a model for progressive human enterprise.