Department of Theater Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts

The study of theater at Brandeis is designed to foster the growth of well-rounded theater artists. Through experiential learning, practical training and intellectual inquiry, students master skills in writing, design, acting, movement, directing and production.

Study is grounded in theater history, literature, criticism and methodologies from a culturally diverse point of view. Whether creating an original project or working with a classical text, students are given the opportunity to holistically engage in the study and making of theater in a way that illuminates the human condition and celebrates the power of community.

Why Brandeis?

Students study acting, directing, dance and movement, theater literature, and stagecraft and design. Students can develop their own material and perform their own work in campus theaters. Faculty members advise students regularly, and often students are offered internships and paid positions in theaters in Boston, the Berkshires and New York.

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Careers and Alumni

“When I think about being a theater major at Brandeis University, I think about passion. When you're there, you're surrounded by students passionate about the work they do, the classes they're taking and the global ensemble they hope to create. The faculty members care deeply about the students and fuel their enthusiasm with a true passion for passing along their love for the art.”

Recent theater arts graduate