DEI Theater Grant

The DEI Theater Grant is available to any Theater Arts major or minor, whose theater research addresses topics and themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Both scholarly and creative projects qualify.

Diversity and Inclusion: Distinct experiences and backgrounds (racial, ethnic, gender expression, gender identity, sexuality, economic, disability, religious, and social), enrich and enliven our conversations, scholarship, and creative expression. Through our curriculum, season planning, and the composition of our community, we strive to challenge discrimination, the marginalization of minorities, and the legacy of racism that has been inherent in the American theater tradition.

Fellowship Amount

Up to $600


Currently enrolled Brandeis undergraduates with a major or minor in Theater Arts. Only declared majors and minors are eligible to receive DEI theater grant funds. Research supported by this fund must address DEI topics or themes. Students are not guaranteed DEI theater funds by virtue of application. Eligibility and DEI applicability will be determined by a faculty and staff application evaluation committee.

Evaluation Criteria

A committee of Theater Arts Faculty and Staff will review applications and award funds to projects which pertain to DEI themes and goals.


The DEI theater grant will be awarded on a rolling basis, pending availability of funds.

For more information, contact Deborah Rosenstein.

How to Apply

Complete the application form to submit:

  • Applicant Information.
  • A brief statement (150+ words) describing how your proposed research addresses DEI topics as defined above.
  • A brief explanation detailing how the money will be spent.

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