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ENACT is now accepting applications for the second cohort of Faculty Fellows! Applications due December 1, 2017. For details and the online application click here.

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News & Updates

October 2017

Applications are now being accepted for the second cohort of ENACT Faculty Fellows (10/3)
Applications will be accepted through December 1, 2017. Read details about the fellowship and access the online application here. Read about the first cohort of Faculty Fellows here.

September 2017

A Student Perspective on ENACT: Gail Miller, Metropolitan State University, Minnesota (9/8) 
Gail Miller, a student in ENACT Faculty Fellow Kathleen Cole's ENACT course in the spring 2017 reflects on the experience. Read about her experience here.

August 2017

ENACT at the National Conference of State Legislatures Annual Summit (8/9)
The National Conference of State Legislatures' Annual Legislative Summit brought more than 5,000 state legislators and others to Boson in August. ENACT was there. Read more here.

July 2017

University of New Hampshire ENACT students present at UNH Manchester Undergraduate Research Conference (7/24)
UNH ENACT students from the course "New Hampshire Politics in Action", taught by ENACT Faculty Fellow Stephen Pimpare, participated at the conference in a new "Present and Defend" session. Each student was assigned to either advocate for or against a particular bill and had 10 minutes to defend their position. The topics of the bills ranged from union dues to the statute of limitations on specific crimes. To learn more, read the UNH Today article.

Miranda Roberts of The University of Maine named ENACT Student Delegate (7/14)
Miranda Roberts '18 joins Myeisha Boyd '17 of the University of Hartford, Marian Gardner '18 of Brandeis University, and Mark Hickey '17 of Hendrix College as the first cohort of ENACT Student Delegates. The mission of the ENACT Student Delegate is to foster civic engagement on the college campus and to facilitate engagement and interaction with ENACT students and alumni around the country. Read The UMaine News announcement here, and visit the ENACT Student Delegate page to learn more.

June 2017

At a Time of Political Change, a Focus on State Government (6/10)
A report on the progress of ENACT (The Educational Network for Active Civic Transformation) programs around the country, including spring updates from ENACT classes at Drake University, the University of Mississippi, the University of New Hampshire, and Boise State University.

May 2017

Brandeis ENACT Course Holds Annual "Present and Defend" (5/1)
On May 1, students in the ENACT course at Brandeis taught by ENACT Academic Director Melissa Stimell engaged in their annual "Present and Defend" session. 

April 2017 

Boise State University ENACT Students Win "Best of College" (4/27)
ENACT students Cate Floate and Joe Mendonsa of Boise State University won "Best of College" at Boise State University's Service Learning Student Exhibition. Learn more about their project on sign language interpreter licensure here.

University of New Hampshire Students Engage in "Present and Defend" (4/18)
On April 18th, ENACT Faculty Fellow Stephen Pimpare and the students of his University of New Hampshire ENACT course held a "Present and Defend" session with local community members and legislators.

March 2017

A Student Perspective on ENACT: Taylor Weigel, Drake University, Iowa (3/22) 
Taylor Weigel, a student in ENACT Faculty Fellow Darcie Vandegrift's ENACT course in fall 2016, reflects on the experience. Read what she thinks here.

University of Mississippi ENACT Students Meet with Lobbyists and Legislative Staffers (3/7) 
ENACT Faculty Fellow James Slack took a group of eight students from his University of Mississippi ENACT seminar to visit the Governor's office and the national office of Parents for Public Schools in Jackson, Mississippi. Read the story here.  

Brandeis ENACT Students Visit Massachusetts State House (3/1)
On March 1st, ENACT Academic Program Director Professor Melissa Stimell and the students of her Brandeis University ENACT course visited the Massachusetts State Capitol. 

January 2017

University of Mississippi ENACT Students Meet with Governor and House Speaker Pro Tempore (1/31)
On January 31st, ENACT Faculty Fellow James Slack took a group of 7 students from his University of Mississippi ENACT seminar on a field trip to the State Capitol. Read the story here

Brandeis ENACT Alum is Guest Speaker at University of Mississippi ENACT Class (1/24)
Kate Alexander joined Faculty Fellow James Slack's class to discuss the course and careers. Read the story here.

Brandeis ENACT Advocacy Award winner Joseph DeFerrari ’18 addresses opioid abuse in Massachusetts (1/23)
Each year, students in the course “Advocacy for Policy Change” may apply for an Advocacy Award to continue working on their course project over the summer, or to undertake a proposed new advocacy project. Joseph DeFerrari ’18, one of the spring 2015 Advocacy Award winners, writes about his experience working on the opioid abuse epidemic and on the related bill H.3993. "Advocacy for Policy Change" is a part of ENACT, a new national program based on this course at Brandeis. Read more about DeFerrari's work this summer here.

December 2016

University of Maine ENACT Students meet with Mary Cathcart (12/22)
Mary Cathcart, a Policy Associate at the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center and former Maine State Senator and House Representative, joined students in ENACT Faculty Fellow Rob Glover's University of Maine Government course. Read more here.

ENACT in action in four states! (12/2)
This fall, students in Connecticut, Florida, Iowa and Maine joined ENACT: The Educational Network for Active Civic Transformation. In courses designed and taught by members of the first cohort of ENACT Faculty Fellows they studied state legislation, visited state capitols and met with current and former legislators and leaders of community organizations. Read more here.

November 2016

Representative Ryan Tipping-Spitz visits Maine ENACT students (11/18)
November 16, Maine State Representative Ryan Tipping-Spitz spoke to ENACT students at the University of Maine to discuss strategies for effective state legislative advocacy. Read more here.

October 2016

University of Hartford ENACT Students Visit the Connecticut Capitol (10/20)
On October 6th, ENACT Faculty Fellow Katharine Owens of the University of Hartford took a group of 15 students on a field trip to the Connecticut Capitol. Read the story here.

June 2016

"Political Science Professor Serves as Faculty Fellow" (Siena College) (6/29)
Read full post on the Siena College's page here.

Professor Rob Glover was at Brandeis University participating in a workshop of ENACT fellows (University of Maine) (6/1)
Read full post on the University of Maine's Facebook page here.

May 2016

ENACT Faculty Fellows from 15 States Come to Brandeis to Support “Laboratories of Democracy” (5/26)
In May, the Ethics Center welcomed the inaugural cohort of 15 ENACT Faculty Fellows to Brandeis for a 5-day institute. They hail from colleges and universities in or near state capitals across the US, and are leading the expansion of ENACT, which builds on an initiative begun at Brandeis. Read more.

February  2016

"Owens Named a Brandeis ENACT Fellow" (University of Hartford) (2/3)
Read full post on the University of Hartford's page here.

January  2016

"Hendrix Professor Named an ENACT Faculty Fellow" (Hendrix College) (1/29)
Read full post on the Hendrix College's page here.

December 2015

Professor Rob Glover has been named an Educational Network for Active Civic Transformation (ENACT) Faculty Fellow (University of Maine) (12/29)
Read full post on the University of Maine's page here.

April 2015

Announcing the National Expansion of Advocacy for Policy Change (4/28)
The International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life at Brandeis University is pleased to announce that a generous gift from Ethics Center Board member Norbert Weissberg and his wife, former Board member Judith Schneider, will enable ENACT: The Educational Network for Active Civic Transformation,  a model program for civic engagement that since 2010 has engaged Brandeis undergraduates with the legislative process on key, state-level social issues. Read more here