A Way Out of No Way:

Jane Sapp, Cultural Work and Social Transformation

By Jane Sapp with Cynthia Cohen


 Jane Sapp

A Way Out of No Way is a multi-media project of the Peacebuilding and the Arts program that is documenting the forty-year practice of cultural work of the extraordinary musician, educator, activist and cultural worker, Jane Wilburn Sapp. The project draws on an extensive archive of songs, CDs, DVDs, digital stories, photographs, and articles. Through a book and accompanying disc, and a series of presentation/performances, Jane Sapp and Cynthia Cohen will identify the principles that inform Jane’s practice, and illustrate its application in education, community arts, and development efforts, as well as its effectiveness in strengthening intergroup relations. This October, they will be focusing on the project during a ten-day collaborative residency at Blue Mountain Center. Jane’s stories and observations will be augmented by a diversity of voices from other artists, cultural workers, educators and organizers.

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Images, Songs and Stories that Challenge and Inspire

deisimpactEvents featuring cultural worker Jane Wilburn Sapp and photojournalist Don West
Part of ‘DEIS Impact 2014: The weeklong "Festival of Social Justice" at Brandeis University
February 1–10, 2014

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Photo Credit: David Weinstein
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