The Brandeis-India Initiative is an opportunity to pull together all of the people: alumni, faculty, students, and friends of the university who are currently working on India, working in India, who have been thinking about India, and all those who extend Brandeis' connections in India with an eye towards the future.

Created in 2007-08, activities have so far included:

Brandeis University has a number of historic strengths in India including a terrific group of alumni, a new South Asian Studies Program with outstanding faculty, an involved cohort of current international students, and many other research interests and connections.   

And yet, there is still much to do. In relation to the importance of India politically, culturally, economically, and historically, as well as in relation to the overwhelming importance of India in global affairs, Brandeis is still somewhat underdeveloped in terms of its involvement with India. However, we take this as a rare opportunity to build on the strengths that we do have to really make a series of first-class relationships that will extend our research and education and teaching mission with regard to the world's largest democracy.

Partnerships -- with people, organizations, and governments -- are at the heart of this effort. We welcome your interest and feedback at southasianstudies@brandeis.edu.