BENS Alert

This is an official message from the Brandeis Emergency Notification System: The emergency drill is continuing. The library will remain closed untilnoon. Please remain alert for emergency vehicles. - Posted 03/21/18, 09:59 AM EDT


Graduate Students

MRSEC Affiliated Graduate Students

Ali Aghvami Ali Aghvami
Andrew Balchunas Andrew Balchunas
Gabe Bronk Gabriel Bronk
Headshot Rui Cao
Pooja Chandrakar Pooja Chandrakar
Xuewen Du Xuewen Du 
Carlos Duque Carlos Duque
Yi Fan Yi Fan
Huang Fang Huang Fang
Headshot Leila Farhadi
Headshot Zhaoqianqi Feng
Mikael Garabedian Mikael Garabedian
Danny Goldstein Daniel Goldstein
Sean Guo Sean Guo
Doug Hall Doug Hall
Ben Hancock Benjamin Hancock
David Harbage David Harbage
Alex Hensley Alex Hensley
Ian Hunter Ian Hunter
Leroy Jia Leroy Jia
Hyunki Kim Hyunki Kim
Bezia Laderman Bezia Laderman
Headshot Jie Li
Janna Lowensohn Janna Lowensohn
Arash Manafirad Arash Manafirad
Linnea Metcalf Linnea Metcalf
Joia Miller Joia Miller
Farzaneh Mohajerani Farzaneh Mohajerani
Maria Moustaka Maria Moustaka
Matthew Peterson Matthew Peterson
Joseph Rauch Joseph Rauch
Joanna Robaszewski Joanna Robaszewski 
James Sheehy James Sheehy
Minu Varghese Minu Varghese
Caleb Wagner Caleb Wagner
Rylie Walsh Rylie Walsh
ShiYu Wang ShiYu Wang
Zahra Zarei Zahra Zarei
Sarah Zuraw-Weston Sarah Zuraw-Weston