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BrandeisNOW: "New undergrad business program among the most popular."

Prof. Bayone on Business Program Advantages

Listen to our Program Chair, Prof. Ed Bayone, explain the advantages of the Business Program.

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The Hoot interviews Prof. Ed Bayone.

Why Business at Brandeis?

Mini Commencement 2013

Business Program graduates often work in business or finance for a few years and then return to school to complete an M.B.A. at Brandeis or elsewhere. Even if you don’t pursue this graduate education route, what you learn in the business program will help you advance in your professional career in the private or public sector.

Students in the business major participate in the life of the International Business School (IBS), which administers the program in cooperation with the College of Arts and Sciences. IBS professors teach undergraduate business courses, and students in the program regularly attend events and talks at the graduate school. Undergraduates enroll in graduate IBS courses when appropriate.

This unique program meets the growing need in the workplace for open-minded professionals and leaders who are equipped to comprehend the complexities of today’s global society. At Brandeis, we believe that a business education consists of much more than the acquisition of a set of practical skills. In the graduate and undergraduate programs, we emphasize critical thinking, broad perspective and multicultural understanding. In this way, we hope to prepare you to be responsible and thoughtful citizens in the business world of tomorrow.