Jared Dunn, '13

"When asked to write a testimonial, I thought where to start….How do I honestly express how Brandeis and the business program changed my life, and launched me into a successful career? If at any time you feel I’m blowing hot air or have questions, reach out to me personally Jaredwdunn@gmail.com

Brandeis was my reach school, there I said it. I’m not the traditional straight A student and if you are, it’s something to be tremendously proud of. I spent my first few years at Brandeis getting a degree in computer science before I realized how incredibly valuable a business degree would be. Brandeis took Jared Dunn   a risk letting me into the program and I knew I had to perform. I was able to overcome the challenges thanks to the incredible professors and    peers supporting me and igniting my business interests. I can say without a doubt that I would not be where I am today without the  invaluable  learning experience I gained from the business program. It is thanks to classes like Functions of the Capitalist Enterprise:  incorporating   graduate level Harvard Business School cases catalyzing great business discussion and understanding. Organizational  Behavior: Company  operations and how to interact and communicate confidently and effectively in the business place. Finally, Financial  Accounting: shedding  light on how business is run financially…as mundane as some of the topics can be, it’s critical to understanding  organizations. What you need  to know is that the pieces are all here. The staff, the classes, the students and most importantly the foundation you will generate to launch a successful career. Brandeis offers a world class education and the Business Program is no different. If you are lucky enough to be admitted, know that you are in for a rich life changing experience."

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