Andrew Hayes '13

"While I love Brandeis' emphasis on a diverse liberal arts education, during my sophomore year I found myself wondering how I could fuse my plethora of academic interests into a unified skill-set. The andrew hayes imageBusiness major at Brandeis offered valuable insight into how to do just that. Learning in business classes by examining case studies alongside students from the humanities, sciences and fine arts showed me the true value of contrasting academic perspectives. Solving problems in business requires an immense amount of creativity, and I was able to draw on everything from film and literary criticism to quantitative economic discourse when formulating novel solutions to real world problems during case studies and strategic planning projects. As a Business major every class is a business class, because the tools you gain in this major are infinitely transferable and practical regardless of your intended profession. My time in Capitalist Enterprise, Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship was of paramount importance in the hiring process for my upcoming role as a Project Manager with Epic Software. I expect to continue applying the skills I learned throughout the major for the rest of my life. If you are looking for an eminently practical outlet for your academic interests, the Business major is for you."

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