Jared Goldman '13

"More important than any single textbook concept or class lesson,  what I took away from the Business Program was not only an analytical skill set but more importantly a confidence in problem solving. The latter is not by happenstance, but is a direct result of the breadth of coursework I completed as an undergraduate business major and the dynamic and supportive learning environment created by my professors and classmates. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have completed coursework as varied as art economics, credit risk management, energy investing, and branding strategy (just to name a few) with classmates from almost every continent, taught by true experts in their field.

Jared GoldmanAside from the learning subject matter of the course, more importantly, what I took away from each component of my undergraduate business education (which may seem a bit divergent by the sample of courses listed above…but trust me it wasn’t) was a new vantage point by which I can approach a challenge in the business world.

What I learned very quickly after graduating (as I’m sure did many of my classmates), the problems we have to solve as professionals, regardless of the occupation, are not linear and necessitate the ability to coordinate many moving parts. I believe the only way to prepare for these challenges, is to gain a holistic approach to problem solving, which is exactly what the Brandeis Business Program instills in its students.

Since graduating from Brandeis, I’ve began working as an Investment Banking Analyst at Moelis & Company, I’m a generalist covering M&A, restructuring, and capital markets transactions spanning a variety of industries."

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