Karen Hu '12

"I'm currently working at an advertising agency in Boston called Hill Holliday. I'm the assistant to the EVP (managing director) and 3 other SVPs on the Bank of America account management team. karen hu imageWhile at Brandeis, I definitely took full advantage of the opportunities available to me.

As a Business Undergraduate Department Representative, I was able to plan events around topics of interest for myself and my peers - for instance, I planned a Marketing forum with Professor Zimmerman to discuss what different paths one could take in the marketing field. Additionally, my double major in Business and Economics also help set me up for my job - I made sure to really learn the material in my classes and to also have 1-on-1 with professors to discuss the options I had with my majors.

I also prepared myself by doing several valuable internships - I did at least one a semester and sometimes two (in total I had 8 internship experiences). This not only looked good on my resume but also equipped me with the fundamental skills that hiring managers look for while also showing that I was motivated.

It also helped that I interned at companies in relevant industries with well-known reputations such as Arnold Worldwide, Reebok, Schwartz Communications, and Hill Holliday. Something else that really helped me prepare for my job is my involvement with the Hiatt Career Center - I worked there as a career advisor (learned the tricks of the trades on how to write resumes and cover letters) and also helped plan the Communications Forum with my mentor, Caroline O'Shea (networked and had informational interviews with several people in the industry to gain more knowledge).

Lastly, I was also involved in planning several large events on campus (Culture X, Lunar New Year, APAHM, to name a few). This taught me not only how to be a leader but also how to work with others as a team in order to achieve a shared vision.

Overall, during my time at Brandeis, I made sure to get involved in everything I was passionate about and while doing that, I was able to build some great foundations and gain valuable experiences that helped me with finding my dream job!"

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