Four Pillars

Across the education program, four themes provide intellectual coherence, practical guidance and clarity of purpose:

  • Inquiry
  • Knowing Students as Learners
  • Teaching for Understanding
  • Commitment to Social Justice

We believe that good teaching and effective educational policy are built on these pillars. To read more about the four themes, follow this link.

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Induction Program


MAT Class of 2017

“Coming from an education system in which the student is an empty vessel and the teacher is the bearer of knowledge, I was eager to learn how to debunk this notion. The Brandeis Master of Arts in Teaching program guided me to become a teacher who learns with her learners. Knowing that I am not the one-stop center for knowledge in my classroom has made me a better teacher, mostly beause it simultaneously pushes me to constantly research and appreciate my students as both learners and teachers." - Selah Agaba, MAT'12

Education alumni are doing interesting and important things in the Waltham-Boston area and around the country. See what some grads are up to today and read some of their thoughts about their time at Brandeis.

If you are a teacher, you know well that teaching is deeply satisfying work — and also some of the hardest work around, especially during the so-called “induction years,” those crucial first three to five years on the job. At Brandeis we are proud to maintain a professional community for graduates of our teacher-education programs, both undergraduate and master's (MAT) level, whose initial teaching positions are in the Boston area. Learn more about the Teacher Induction Program and see a schedule of meetings and events.

If you are a graduate on the job market or contemplating a career move, the Hiatt Career Center may be able to help. You may also visit GSAS' Career Services page.