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katie reed

Katie Reed

Katie graduated from Carleton College and completed her MAT in 2011.  She currently teaches third grade at the Cambridgeport School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I have always wanted to be a teacher and am excited to finally be concretely on that path, though I feel I’ve been on the “teacher path” since elementary school. Because I love all learning and therefore all subjects, it broke my heart to think of picking just one to teach, which is partly why I’m really excited to teach in elementary school. I’m also excited about giving children a basis for understanding and building blocks or tools with which to continue learning all their lives. I believe that elementary school is the place to really be able to affect students and their attitudes towards learning and I am gratified to be part of making learning exciting, fun and wonderful for all children.

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Summer 1 

  • Welcome
  • Foundations of Education (ED 264)
  • Making Art (ED 264)
  • Teaching Reading (ED 107)
  • Field experience: Practicum Reading (Waltham public schools) (ED 107)
  • Teaching Mathematics (ED 262)


  • Fundamentals of Teaching (ED 267a)
  • Field experience: pre-practicum (ED 265a)
  • Literacy & Social Studies (ED 101)
  • Psychology of Student Learning (ED 157)
  • English Language Learners (ED 175)
  • Advisory
  • Fundamentals of Teaching (ED 267b)
  • Field experience: Internship (2 days/week - 4 days/week - 5 days/week - 21/2 days/week). Lead Teaching "Mini placement" (ED 265a&b)
  • Reflective Teaching (ED 263)
  • Inquiry-based Science Teaching & Learning (ED 261)
  • Classroom-based research project
  • Project: Teaching Portfolios

Summer II 

  • Teaching Diverse Learners (ED 260)
  • Making Classroom Culture (ED 221)
  • Class: Teacher Research (ED 266)
  • Classroom-based research project - Research Presentations


Induction Program (Individual and group advising and support)