We are pleased to report that 100% of graduates seeking teaching positions were hired in 2017 and 2018.  

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Meet MAT Public Elementary Students and Graduates

"The MAT Public Elementary program provided me with the experience and confidence that prepared me throughly for a career as an elementary teacher. I was able to discuss and reflect upon myself as a new teacher and learn from teachers with varying experiences and perspectives. I had the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds, which enriched my experience and aided in my growth as an educator. I developed copious methods to ensure that all students progress and succeed as learners. Most importantly, I gained an understanding of my role as a teacher, and I formed an opinion about the teacher I strive to be throughout my practice." - Bianca Perdiz, MAT'15

Students entering the MAT in Public Elementary Education bring curiosity, willingness to take risks, deep capacity for care and a remarkable diversity of life experiences.

Graduating from the program, they commit themselves wholeheartedly to the children they teach, the schools they join, or to whatever other projects they may undertake. They do good work that makes a difference.

Here are a few of their stories, thoughts about their experience in the MAT program and thoughts about the marvelous and occasionally seemingly impossible work of teaching.

Marissa DeLaurentis '19

Prior to attending Brandeis, I attended Catholic school for both elementary school and high school on Long Island. Coming to Brandeis has been an amazing experience, and allowed me to meet so many incredibly diverse people. Brandeis has also granted me with the ability to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. The Education program here at Brandeis has molded me into someone who is passionate about teaching and dedicated to impacting young lives. I have received a great amount of support from the Education Program through my undergraduate years at Brandeis, which led me to apply for the Master of Arts in Teaching Program. I hope through this program I am able to develop as an effective teacher and eventually have a tremendous impact on the students that I teach both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Other Public Elementary MAT Students and Alumni

Marysa Massoia, BA/BS-MAT '19
My name is Marysa Massoia, and I am a senior enrolled in the BA/MAT program.  I am also a member of the varsity softball team here at Brandeis.  I have always had a passion for working with kids and have gained many memorable experiences and valuable lessons working with children during my summers. My most memorable summer job has been a camp counselor at The Zoo in Forest Park in Springfield, MA. Here, I gained hands on experience working with animals and teaching children about wildlife and nature. As a teacher, I hope to incorporate many hands on and multi-sensory activities into my teaching in order to keep my students engaged and make learning exciting. I know that the education program at Brandeis University will give me the tools necessary to become the successful teacher I strive to be.

Jennie Weaver, BA/BS-MAT '19
Jennie has wanted to be a teacher for as long as she can remember. As an undergraduate at Brandeis, she has taken many courses that have deepened her pedagogical understanding and nurtured her passion for learning. A lover of languages and cultures, she especially enjoyed her Teaching English Language Learners class and discovered an enthusiasm for working with culturally and linguistically diverse students. While Jennie enjoys the formal
education she receives in her classes, there is nothing she loves more than the informal education and invaluable experiences she receives being a babysitter, camp counselor, and substitute teacher. She is excited to be part of the BA/MAT program where she will be able further explore and engage in the field of teaching while pursuing her childhood dream.
Beth Defossez, BA/BS-MAT '18

I'm Beth, and I'm a rising senior in the BA/MAT elementary program. I'm majoring in Education Studies,Beth Defossez and minoring in elementary education and anthropology. I'm also the captain of the varsity track team at Brandeis. Brandeis' emphasis on social justice in teaching really resonates with me. I'm passionate in the belief that all students deserve to be listened to and supported, while receiving high quality education. I love working with children, as they never cease to provide me with new, unique ways of looking at the world. I'm excited to continue my studies at Brandeis in the MAT program, and continue to grow my skills as a teacher.

Update: Beth interned at Bishop Elementary School in Arlington, MA. Her research was entitled "Making Math Fun: Effects of Whole-Class Engagement Strategies." After graduation from the MAT program, Beth will continue working at Bishop Elementary School as a fourth grade teacher.

Rachel Kriegsman, BA/BS-MAT'18

Rachel Kriegsman is a current BA/MAT student at Brandeis University.  Rachel KriegsmanRachel has worked at the Museum of Science in Boston for the past 6 years.  Her work with children at the museum was instrumental in her decision to pursue a career in teaching.  In particular, her favorite part of working at the museum is exposing the children to something new and watching their faces light up when they realize that they understand the subject matter.  It is her hope that she will be the type of teacher that encourages students to become lifelong learners and caring individuals.   

Update: Rachel did her student teaching at Cabot Elementary School in Newton, MA and her research was entitled "Let's Get Moving: The Impact of Movement Breaks in a First Grade Classroom.Rachel has accepted a first-grade teaching position at Ashland Public Schools.

Steven Magenheim '18

I am originally from Washington D.C. I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University, Steven MagenheimCollege of Earth and Mineral Sciences in May 2015 with a degree in Energy, Business, and Finance. After graduation the spark wasn't there to enter the business world, but the spark was there to enter the classroom. I began teaching at Temple Emanuel Early Childhood Center in Kensington, MD. While teaching, I have gained practical experience that has solidified my desire to pursue a career as a licensed educator. I have chosen Brandeis' MAT program because it aligns closely with my desired educational goals and aspirations. I wanted a program that was based on preparing quality educators who are inspired, creative, determined, and dedicated.

Update: Steven interned at Horace Mann Elementary School in Newton, MA. His original research was entitled "Four Frames: My Guide to a Successful Elementary Math Class." After graduation, Steven will be moving to the Washington DC area to teach fourth grade at Milton Jewish Day School.

Lilian Wang, BA/BS-MAT'18

Lilian is rising senior at Brandeis University and is part of the BA/BS-MAT Program.Lilian Wang As an undergrad, she is majoring in Education Studies with a minor in Teacher Education, Elementary concentration. Ever since she was young, she has dreamed of making a difference in the world in a classroom of her own. She believes that education is the key to creating a more just, peaceful, and better future, and is fiercely passionate about working towards that goal. Brandeis has given her a place where she can strive for that goal alongside her coworkers and mentors who are just as passionate as she is. Her time here has not only taught her much about the current education system and the need for reform, but also about herself as a future educator and lifelong learner. She is excited for what the MAT Program will continue to teach her and is looking forward to the day when she will enter the world, equipped with all that Brandeis has given her, to make a difference in whatever ways she can.

Update: Lilian completed her student teaching in a first-grade classroom at Cabot Elementary School in Newton, MA. Her teacher research was entitled "The Power of Music: A Reflection on the Use of Music in the Classroom and Its Effect on Student Behavior."

Witney Christie'17

Witney is a Brandeis senior majoring in African and Afro-American Studies with a minor in Education Studies. WitneyOn campus she has been President of the Brandeis Black Student Organization (BBSO) and co-founded the BeSO Educated 101, an initiative created to inform low income and minority youth at Waltham High School about post-secondary opportunities. Witney's passion for urban education began in high school during her time with To Our Children's Future with Health, a non-profit program dedicated to providing West Philadelphia elementary and middle school students with academic and health-based enrichment programs. Her dedication to becoming a teacher was solidified as an Elementary Numbers Teaching Specialist at B-Safe, a summer program committed to preventing the loss of academic skills among low income and minority youth in the Boston Area. Witney's philosophy and pedagogical theory centers around interactive curricula and an inclusive classroom culture in order to make an impact on students' lives. She is extremely honored to be a part of 2016-2017 Public Elementary cohort and looks forward to how the BA-MAT program will prepare her to be the best teacher.

Update: Witney interned in The Cambridgeport School in Cambridge. Her research study was entitled "Keeping 1st Graders Interested in Learning." After graduation, witney was offered a teaching position at Graham and Park in Cambridge. 

Julia Goldberg'17

Julia is in the BA/MAT program at Brandeis, majoring in sociology and minoring in teacher’s education. JuliaShe has always had a passion for teaching. Through assisting in classrooms and working with children ages preschool-middle school, Julia has found a high reward in helping to bring children to discovering new knowledge. Her work in classrooms in Boston and mentoring in a low-income housing community in Waltham has also instilled in her the importance of ensuring that
marginalized groups of students feel valued and are given the tools to be successful. She is excited to continue to explore through the MAT program how to teach all children, from any background, in ways that allow them to gain the skills they need to feel successful and to achieve.

Update: Julia interned in Boston Teachers Union School. Her research study was entitled "The Two R’s of Stopping Classroom Disruption: Responses and Relationships." After graduation, she was offered a position as an assistant teacher at Needham Public Schools.

Allie Hecht'17

As an undergraduate student at Brandeis, I developed a love and appreciation for the university. AllieBeing a varsity athlete, a reunion coordinator, and an UDR, I have had the opportunity of meeting different and amazing people on this campus. Through all of these extracurriculars, I have learned how to be patient, a team player, and both a leader and supporter when the time is needed. All of these characteristics are important for teaching. From a very young age I knew I wanted to become an educator. Brandeis has provided me with this opportunity and I could not be more grateful. Now, as a graduate student, I hope to develop a better understanding of the field. I also want to learn new and fun strategies to teach with. Lastly, having the opportunity to continue my studies at Brandeis is important to me, and I cannot wait to demonstrate what I learned at Brandeis in my future classroom.

Update: Allie interned in Bishop Elementary School. Her research study was entitled "Let's Get Moving!" After graduation, Allie was offered a position as a Special Education Teacher at Revere Elementary School.

Alexandra Scott'17

Alexandra Scott, better known as Alex, received her undergraduate degree from Bennington College in Vermont. AlexAfter graduating in 2013, she went on to teach English in Japan through the JET Program for two years. She loves working with kids and has always dreamed of becoming an elementary teacher. Alex is looking forward to achieving this goal during her time at Brandeis.

Update: Alex interned in Bishop Elementary School. Her research was entitled "Creating Enthusiastic Readers by Making Reading Social." After graduation, she was offered a 6th grade teaching position at Williamstown School.

Gaby Yeshua'17

With a background in psychology, my aim as a teacher is to treat every student with respect, dignity, and the utmost care while nurturing their individual learning needs and goals. GabyMy philosophy as a teacher keeps in mind the varying degrees of student and human needs, while encouraging them to grow further than expectations and become cooperative, empathetic, and knowledge-hungry learners. I hope to evolve my own strategies as both an educator and learner, as well as a human being!

Update: Gaby interned in Cabot Elementary School in Newton. Her research was on mindfulness in the classroom.

Emma Collins'16

I was drawn to the MAT program largely because of its emphasis on social justice. CollinsWhile attaining my bachelor's degree, I volunteered as a tutor and program intern for a family-based homeless shelter. I was disheartened by how social issues regarding poverty could stifle students’ chances of academic success. The shelter's residents served as my case study for my senior thesis on homeless single mothers and the challenges to their children's academic success. I am confident that with a Brandeis Master of Arts in Teaching, I will learn how to work as an educator who not only teaches her students and supports them in learning, but also gives them the tools needed to ultimately escape generational cycles of poverty.

Emma interned in The Cambrigeport School. Her research study is entitled "Self-Monitoring to Address Behavioral Challenges." After graduating from the program, Emma was offered a job at Loring Elementary and Haynes Elementary Schools in Sudbury, MA

Sara Isaacson'16

My name is Sara and I’m a rising senior at Brandeis, majoring in Education Studies. While I’ve believed for some time that I Isaacsonwanted to be an elementary school teacher, it wasn’t until I stepped foot into my first field work classroom as an observer that I decided with 100% certainty this is what I want to do. Growing up in a small tight knit community, I was fortunate enough to have many teachers positively impact my learning experience. Now reliving these experiences first-hand from the other side has cemented my desire to give back. Nothing is more rewarding than when a student little by little opens up, allowing you to work with him/her, slowly progressing towards a once far-fetched goal. Trust, appreciation, and respect become mutual, and a smile is visible ear to ear. I cannot wait to begin the MAT program and continue my education experience.

Sara interned in Burr Elementary School. Her research study was entitled "Using Movement Breaks to Increase Student Engagement." After completing the program, Sara was offered a job at Medfield Elementary School.

Laura Jarvis'16

As an elementary school student I had a wonderful experienceJarvis with many talented teachers who showed me that all subjects, even those I was not passionate about, could be interesting. These early experiences and my more recent work experience in the pediatric mental health field, have driven me to pursue graduate study in elementary education. I was immediately drawn to Brandeis’ emphasis on creativity in learning amidst so many standards and so much testing in the world of public education. I believe the Elementary Education program at Brandeis will give me the tools to provide children with their introduction to education, and to shape the lens through which they will view learning for the rest of their lives.

Laura interned in Burr Elementary School. Her research study is entitled "Working Well with Others: Uncovering Barriers to Successful Group Work for One Elementary Math Student." 

Arter completing the MAT program, Laura was offered a job at Austin Discovery School at Austin, TX.

Danielle Traverse'16

I am thrilled and excited to join Brandeis' MAT cohort of 2016! My desire Danielleto grow as an educator is rooted in both a love for the colorful, imaginative, magical world that IS children and passion for the great power education holds in calling forth social change. After graduating from Bates College with a degree in Psychology and Educational Studies, I worked in two very different charter schools in Boston, both of which continued my journey in thinking about what "empowering education" looks like. I look forward to learning from the experiences and insights of classmates and professors as we become teachers who work tirelessly in our mission to shape future world-shakers!

Danielle interned in Codman Academy Charter School. Her research study is entitled "Whose Voice Is It Anyway?" After completing the MAT Program, Danielle workd as a lead teacher at Codman Academy.

Cara Chaudron'15

My name is Cara Chaudron, 2014 graduate of Vassar College.  CaraHaving majored in Education and Psychology during my undergraduate studies, I come to Brandeis eager to continue my education and with an incredible passion for teaching. Although I have always had a strong interest in becoming a teacher, spending five months as a teacher's assistant in Costa Rica during my junior semester abroad solidified my desire to work in a classroom. As someone who has always loved school, my goal as a teacher is to instill a similar passion for learning and curiosity in my students. I believe that Brandeis' MAT program is the perfect place for me to continue working towards this goal. 

Cara interned in Cambridgeport Elementary School in Cambridge. Her research is entitled, "Molding our Morals: Exploring the Link between Classroom Expectations and Students’ Values."

After completing the program, Cara was offered a job as a 6th grade teacher in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

George Fofanah'15

The MAT Program’s overall goal of fostering the idea of democratic education appeals to me. George Fofanah Prior to entering Brandeis, I studied Audio and Digital Media Technology with a concentration in Sound Recording and I also completed graduate studies in Management. I had the privilege of working with elementary, middle, and high school students in the Lawrence Public School District as an Academic Mentor Music Technology Instructor.

After completing the program, I intend to use my M.A.T. education to participate in the full educational development of public elementary school children and to utilize my education in music, sound recording technology, management, and teaching to develop learning curriculums that reflect an amalgamation of all these closely related fields.

George interned in Russell Elementary School in Boston. His research is entitled, "Best Practices: Supporting Student Engagement During Writing Conferences"

Jessica Guidoboni'15

Despite working in marketing for the past six years, I've always had a Jessica Guidobonipassion for supporting the community through youth education. My honors thesis at UMass Amherst, "Coping Mechanisms in Children Post Bereavement," focused on the psychological impact of 9/11. I’ve worked as a teacher’s aide at Kaleidoscope Summer Camp, an after school teacher at Deerfield Elementary and as a mentor in the Newton Mentoring Alliance. I 'm excited to attend Brandeis and believe that its research-based learning approach and full-year internship program have much to offer. As a teacher, I hope to inspire my students to practice small acts of kindness and to choose what is right - not simply what is popular.

Jessica interned in Northeast Elementary School in Waltham. Her research is entitled, "Fixing the Fighting: Structuring Successful Small Groups in Elementary Classrooms."

After completing the program, Jessica was offered a special ed teaching position at Prospect Hill Academy Charter School in Cambridge. 

Kathy Malone'15

As a midlife career-changer, I am excited to enter the profession of Kathy Maloneelementary education.  I have worked at various jobs including ESL teaching, software project management, dedicated parenting, and most recently directing youth and children’s religious education.  I think the skills I have had the opportunity to practice in these jobs will serve me well in the elementary classroom. 

I really enjoy elementary school aged children. I love the idea that teaching elementary children allows me to be a generalist –to play with numbers, to wonder about science questions, to delve into language and literature, to always be learning how to be friends and get along with other children and other people in our lives.

As a graduate of the Baltimore Public Schools and as a parent of two children in the Boston Public Schools, I have had an invested interest in urban public education so I am thrilled that Brandeis’ connections allow me to do my student teaching in Boston.  At this point in my life I look forward to immersing myself in a new challenge that will stretch me both intellectually and practically.  This fusion of the intellectual and the practical in teaching dovetails well with my interests and my strengths.  I aspire to be a teacher who is an effective practitioner, a scholar and innovator.  With its cohort model, focus on social justice and public education, full year internship program and its reputation for academic rigor, I chose Brandeis to help me become this kind of teacher.

Kathy interned in Russell Elementary School in Boston. Her research is entitled, "Moving from Ping Pong to Volleyball: Bolstering Student Academic Talk in First Grade Guided Reading."

After completint the program, Kathy was offered a job at the Conservatory Lab Charter School as an Asst. 1st grade teacher.

Becky Cogbill '14

At my high school graduation, my kindergarten teacher gave me a poster BeckyI had made back in kindergarten saying what I wanted to be when I grew up. Even then, I wanted to be a teacher! I was particularly drawn to Brandeis because of its emphasis on public education. Not only do I believe that all students should have access to a quality education, as a teacher I want to be able to reach and share my own love of learning with all my students. I’m excited to take the next step toward accomplishing that goal by attending Brandeis.

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Lily Glickstein'14

My name is Lily Glickstein and I am a Brandeis graduate of the class of 2013. LilyI majored in History and French and studied abroad in Paris in the spring of 2012. I am a francophile, art lover, and an avid reader, which I would love to incorporate in the classroom. I have a passion for education equality, which led me to the Brandeis MAT program with its emphasis on social justice. Having attended a French immersion elementary school and fluent in French, I may want to teach in a French immersion school in the future. For now, I am excited to explore the world of charter schools and learn as much about teaching and education as I can.

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Joanna Plotz'14

I am coming to Brandeis after three years working at Discovering Justice, Joannaa civic education non-profit in Boston. At DJ, I led the elementary field trip program at the Moakley U.S. Courthouse and helped develop social studies curricula for public elementary teachers. Prior to working at DJ, I attended Carleton College, where I majored in American Studies and Educational Studies. I believe that, beyond developing foundational learning skills, elementary education should focus on educating the whole child. I also believe that every child deserves a great education, and I am committed to teaching in under-served schools. I chose Brandeis because of its commitment to social justice and its full-year internship program, and I am excited to be part of the Public Elementary cohort.

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Ji Eun Yoon'14

The Master of Arts in Teaching Program (M.A.T.) at Brandeis offers the greatest opportunity for me to enhance Ji Eun Yoonand refine my teaching knowledge, style, and methodology.  I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to attend the M.A.T. program as I aspire to gain the knowledge and insight to help our future students and leaders realize educational excellence, high achievement and lead them toward their future successes in life. It is my goal to gain the experience, knowledge, and skills from the M.A.T. program in hopes to make a social impact in education and to one day attain my career goal of becoming an accomplished professional in the field of education.

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Dylan Brodeur '13

While I was working at an elementary afterschool program in Cambridge, teaching math and science electives, DylanI learned that the rewards of teaching stem from the challenges of teaching. A child's academic progress and social development bring joy to a teacher because of the vast amount of thought and effort that the teacher puts into that child's relationship with the world. I love working with children because there are so few givens, so many exceptions, and so many opportunities to positively impact a child. I am excited to study at Brandeis because the Brandeis program will prepare me to face the daunting challenges that teachers face every day. At Brandeis, I will work toward excellence in my passion: helping children become driven, reflective, considerate citizens.

Kim Nguyen '13

Kim graduated from Boston University. Before she became a part of the MAT program, Kim Kim Nguyenworked in various fields including sales, marketing and banking. She is currently part of Cohort 8 of the Public Elementary concentration.

I chose teaching as a career because I wanted to do something that is both rewarding and has the potential for growth. My long term goal is to head into education administration, but I am very excited to complete the MAT program at Brandeis University and begin teaching elementary kids.

Selah Agaba '12

Selah received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, minors; Runyakitara and Drama in Uganda. Why Brandeis MAT? 

The philosophy of education upheld by the department is very similar to my philosophy of Selaheducation. I believe that quality education should be a right to all irrespective of their social, economic, religious or another background. The quality of education one receives in the early stages of development greatly affect the way their future outlook on and success in life. I hope to be an agent of change in education system especially in Uganda. Create a model of instruction where children are encouraged to inquire, debate and love acquiring information. 

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Natanya Cohen '12

Though I didn’t major in Education as an undergraduate, I had in the back of my head that teaching was right for me.  So, in starting this program, I’m extremely excited to finally feel like I’m on the right path headed toward Natanyaa field I truly believe in.   My love of learning and respect for children has always fueled my ambition to become a teacher.  I am very committed to sharing that love of learning, as well as my fun attitude and value of education with students.  I’m eager to learn as much as I can in this program so I may make the most powerful impact as an elementary school teacher in my future classrooms.
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Leah Golden '12

My name is Leah Golden and I am so excited to be part of Cohort 8! Before attending the Master’s program at Brandeis I did my undergrad at the University of New Hampshire. GoldenI had a double major in Family Studies and Justice Studies with a minor in Education. I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher and put myself on that path in my undergrad. I have much experience with children through coursework and internships and am very enthused to be interning in a fourth grade classroom for the year!

I knew I wanted to be a teacher in the first grade. I had the most amazing teacher who genuinely cared about me as a learner. I always came home and played school and would always talk to my mother (who is a teacher) about my day. I have worked at a day camp and babysat children from ages 9 months-12 years old. I find nothing more rewarding than helping a child who is struggling with a topic and seeing how happy they are once they have mastered it. I love working with children and cannot wait to have a career in which I can do that every day!

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Joshua Goldman '12

Josh Goldman hails from Weymouth, MA and just completed his undergraduate degree at Brandeis with a BA in Music focusing in


Percussion Performance. He has been an avid performer in and around Brandeis and Boston for the past 4 years, as well as places as far and wide as Orlando, Washington D.C., Madison, WI and everywhere in between. Josh has also been a counselor for the past three years at Great Esker Park in Weymouth, educating children about nature, conservation and outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, fishing and camping.

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Nicholas Long '12

My name is Nicholas Long. I had been working as a social worker for eight years in disadvantaged communities in both NYC and LongBoston prior to coming into the MAT program at Brandeis. The biggest reason I decided to become a teacher was because I loved the teaching aspects of being a social worker and I wanted to focus more on teaching in my career in the future. In many ways, I see becoming a teacher in the inner city as an extension of my social work career. I chose to come to the MAT program at Brandeis after considering several schools. The reason I chose Brandeis was the commitment to teaching for democratic learning that I saw imbued in the philosophy. I have always wanted to be on the progressive end of teaching and learning. I found that very much a part of the philosophy here at Brandeis. I also love the MAT program's full year placement in a classroom as I believe it would give me a lot of valuable experience. I am very excited for my future as a teacher and feel that I will be very prepared because of my education here.

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Janice Mckeown '11

Janice grew up in Westwood, MA, and received her Bachelor of Arts from Colby College.    She currently lives in Roslindale.Janice McKweown

I am thrilled to be starting the MAT program at Brandeis.  I am coming into Education after spending 20 years in footwear marketing and product development.  I am excited about this change because I have wanted to be a teacher for most of my life.  I have always held teachers in high regard, but for one reason or another, the timing wasn’t right for me to make this change – until now.  My volunteer work in the past year with elementary school age children from the Family Nurturing Program in Roslindale reminded me how much I love working with children. It also reminded me how much I can learn from them.

One reason I want to become a teacher is that I think teachers hold one of the most important jobs in our society today.  I believe that constantly finding ways to improve our public education system should be a top priority for our government leaders.  I am becoming a teacher because I want to understand how the system works now and I want to be constantly thinking about how to improve it so each student receives the same high quality education no matter where he or she lives.  Gaining experience as a teacher will be crucial to this process.   One reason I am specifically interested in this Brandeis MAT degree is because I value the liberal arts approach and emphasis on social justice and the aim to improve children’s life chances.   Additionally, I am impressed with the fact that I will be with the same class of elementary school students for a complete school year, not just a 2 month internship.   This will provide me with a world of experience and give my confidence a boost when I step up to lead my own classroom after I graduate.  I am proud that I am brave enough to formally continue learning at this stage of my life and I hope to become a teacher who will foster a lifelong love of learning in my students.

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Katie Reed '11

I just graduated from Carleton College, a small liberal arts school in Minnesota, with a major in history and a minor in Katie Reededucational studies. I have always wanted to be a teacher and am excited to finally be concretely on that path, though I feel I’ve been on the “teacher path” since elementary school. Because I love all learning and therefore all subjects, it broke my heart to think of picking just one to teach, which is partly why I’m really excited to teach in elementary school. I’m also excited about giving children a basis for understanding and building blocks or tools with which to continue learning all their lives. I believe that elementary school is the place to really be able to affect students and their attitudes towards learning and I want to be part of making learning exciting, fun and wonderful for all children.

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Roberta Udoh '11

Roberta Udoh '11 (Kohl Fellow, Cohort VI) is doing her MAT teaching-internship at the Everett School in Boston, an assignment to which she brings a great deal, as you can see from her reflections shortly after joining the program last summer:

All roads led to Brandeis.  It was not hard to choose to apply to the MAT program. I was looking for a teaching program thatRoberta Udoh would weave together my personal life and political /community activist experiences, and prepare me to teach in the Boston Public school system.  And this was it! I have been working, paid and unpaid, with children for decades. I have been a youth worker in various capacities, an at home parent and volunteer in my 2 daughters’ schools, and recently a teacher for Girls’ LEAP, an anti-violence prevention program in the Boston area.  While at Girls’ LEAP, it became clear to me that I needed to give back to a population of students with whom I strongly identify.  I just obtained my B.A. last year! I am committed to taking all my wonderful positive life experiences into the classroom in the hope that I may inspire a child to dream of a better future.  Also, I just so love this population.  Their struggles have been my struggles. And I LOVE to dance and hope to take my dancing spirit into the classroom! Oh and be silly too!

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Kimberly Canuto ’08

kimberly canutoKimberly Canuto ’08 (Kohl Fellow, Cohort III) teaches second grade at the Neighborhood Charter School in Dorchester, Mass. Shortly before graduation last summer, she wrote:

Before enrolling in the Brandeis Master of Arts in Teaching: Public Elementary Program, I attended Wheelock College in Boston. As an undergraduate student, I was ambitious about becoming a teacher and eager to improve the educational experiences of children from a diversity of backgrounds. After looking at other teacher-preparation programs, I decided on Brandeis because it was the best place to help me attain these goals. Being a student at Brandeis has been a truly phenomenal experience. Professors, colleagues and other faculty members have all been very supportive. The knowledge and skills I have gained here will help me continue to develop throughout my entire teaching career. I believe that the Brandeis MAT program prepares individuals to become effective educators dedicated to the lives of all children.

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Allison Mandel ’08

Allison Mandel with students

Allison Mandel ’08 (Cohort III) came to Brandeis after working as an executive assistant in a large corporate office. She came into teaching, and the MAT program, because she “wanted to be in a profession where (she) would be able to make social change by enriching the lives of children.” While in the MAT, she did her internship at the Joseph Lee Elementary School in Dorchester. Nearing graduation from the MAT, she wrote, “One of the things I love most about the MAT program is that it actively fosters creativity and imaginative learning.” In September of 2010, heading into her third year out, she writes: 

My name is Allison Mandel and I graduated from the MAT Public Elementary program in 2008. I am currently teaching at Aichi International School in Nagoya, Japan. I am the main Grade 2 teacher as well as the Math teacher for Grades 3, 4 and 5. My students are 90% native Japanese. They are bilingual in Japanese and English. I teach Math, Science and Literacy to my 2nd graders in English; and a native Japanese teacher comes in to teach the same subjects in Japanese. It really is a unique and lovely school. I am very lucky to have the experiences that I do. The MAT program gave me so much direction and insight into who I was as a person and how I wanted to interact with the world around me. I learned and grew so much during my year at Brandeis. I've been lucky to receive continued support since I've graduated. I want to send sincere gratitude to my mentors and teachers and good luck to all of the future Cohorts!

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Leah Proctor ’08

leah proctorLeah Proctor ’08 (Cohort III) is a resource-room teacher at the Stanley Elementary School in Waltham. Reflecting on her experiences last spring, she wrote:

Studying with Brandeis has been both humbling and amazing. This has by far been the hardest year of my life, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Brandeis’ MAT program will work you to your core, and it’s more than worth it. You will grow as an educator and a person.

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Katalin Wiggins ’08

Katalin Wiggins ’08 (Kohl Fellow, Cohort III) teaches third grade at the Northeast Elementary School in Waltham. Reflecting on her experiences last spring, she wrote:

My undergraduate degree was in magazine journalism. Before entering the Brandeis Master of Art in Teaching: Public Elementary program, I was working as a layout artist and graphic designer for several publications. (Note: Katalin designed the image on the right side of this page.) I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to do something meaningful with my life and have a positive influence on future generations. I love being in the MAT program! Our cohort clicked right away, and working within such a small group allows for a comfortable and intimate learning environment. I enjoy learning to teach in an academic context that is so focused on developing independent-minded teachers. Also, the year-long internship in one classroom is an amazing experience that isn’t offered by most other teacher preparation programs.

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Marianne Stabile '07

Marianne Stabile '07 (Kohl Fellow, Cohort II) teaches 3rd grade at Rock Springs Elementary School in Lawrenceville, GA.  More than a third of her students are English Language Learners, making her glad she decided to do her MAT teacher research project on the varied opportunities formal and informal contexts in school afforded students for learning English as a new language.  She urges MAT's on the job market to consider teaching positions in the South.  She would be happy to talk with anyone interested in looking for a job in her area; she would also be happy to meet with anyone in her area who was considering the MAT program.

Marianne also serves as a mentor to high school students considering going into teaching.  At the close of her first post - MAT year of teaching she wrote:

So many of the things I learned in the MAT program are things I have directly applied in my real work as a teacher this year.  For example, my colleagues and administrators were impressed at my understanding of which interventions would be appropriate for helping my students with learning disabilities.  I had a student who had characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome, and I told my assistant principal some of the ideas I had learned for helping such a student.  She asked how I knew this and I told her about a paper I wrote for the special ed class on the subject.  She asked that I email her my paper because she wanted to learn more about interventions for children with Asperger's!  I've never heard of a first-year teacher who felt 100% prepared to go out on her own, but as my first year comes to an end, I can see that Brandeis gave me more than enough of the skills and knowledge I needed to thrive in my new position.

Update, April '09: Marianne writes that she is off on a new adventure next year. 

I took a job teaching 4th grade at the American International School of Abu Dhabi, which is near Dubai in the United Arab Emirates!  I am really excited.  It's a private school that serves a whole range of nationalities using the IB (International Baccalaureate) Primary Years Program, and - no NCLB!  I leave in August and can't wait.  Stop by and visit...

Read Marianne's blog about her new teaching adventure in Abu Dhabi at

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Brian Bisceglia-Kane ’06

Brian Bisceglia-Kane ’06 (Kohl Fellow, Cohort I) teaches third grade at the Daniel Butler School in Belmont, Mass. Previously, heBrian Bisceglia-Kane taught children exhibiting challenging behaviors and emotional difficulties at the Horace Mann Elementary School in Newton, Mass. He writes:

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the Master of Arts in Teaching: Public Elementary program at Brandeis is an established culture of thinking. Dirck Roosevelt and the other professors at Brandeis created a supportive environment that I think is very necessary for new teachers. They encouraged me to try new things, even when I was hesitant to do so. During my internship, there were good days and bad days; it was always reassuring to know that my professors were there to talk about those “difficult moments” I had in the classroom. These conversations pushed my thinking as a student, and helped me become a more confident and focused teacher. I felt extremely well-prepared to begin teaching after my completion of the MAT program.

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Efrat Kussell ’06

efrat kussell

Efrat Kussell '06 (Kohl Fellow, Cohort I) teaches sixth grade math at the Explore Charter School, in Brooklyn NY. This is her fourth year at the school. Since graduating from Brandeis, she also taught a fifth-sixth grade combination classroom at the Cambridgeport School in Cambridge, MA. She has written:

Each day I teach, I find myself thinking about something I learned or experienced at Brandeis. This statement may seem obvious, but the truth is, for many, teaching can feel like a strenuous routine; it is easily possible for a teacher to stop thinking deeply about his or her practice.

 More than anything else, the Brandeis MAT has given me the long-lasting ability to reflect on and make meaning of the daily happenings in my class. My experience as a teacher is always exciting because I have been trained to think clearly about teaching, to grapple with problems, to feel confident in the decisions I make and to ask questions that are important to my practice.

 I've heard that teaching is considered a lonely profession. Many teachers feel isolated when facing the inevitable challenges of the classroom. Setting itself apart from most MAT or M.Ed. programs, Brandeis has followed me each step of the way through continued discussions with my cohort, my professors and the teachers I met during my yearlong internship. It's been four years since I received my MAT from Brandeis, and never once have I felt alone.

And here is a September 2010 bulletin from Efrat:

So far the 6th graders seem to be acclimating well to their new grade level. My homeroom class is particularly lovely - they are a very reflective and kind group and I'm constantly impressed by the ideas they come up with. On the first day of math class, we were discussing the 3 values excellent math students embody: kindness, productivity and curiosity - and I asked the kids what it might mean to be curious in math class. A few kids gave responses like "asking questions," "trying out new ways of doing things," "thinking outside the box," and then C______ (who was my second grade student 4 years ago) said, "I think being curious means that you are really wondering about why other people think the way they do and you want to find out." I was so excited when she said that because I was so surprised by the depth of her comment. I told her that wondering about why other people think the way they do is what I do all day long - that that's a big part of being a teacher - and that I am thrilled to know that I'll have company in doing so.

Editorial comment: And that - wondering about other minds - is a big part of why teaching can be such a thrilling thing to do.

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