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Research Presentations

Teacher research is systematic intentional inquiry conducted on a matter of concern to the individual teacher-researcher and relevant to the profession more broadly. MAT students identify an interest of concern and begin to frame a question in December/January. Over the next several months, they refine the question, develop a plan for data collection, typically including an action component, and begin to collect data-- all the while carrying on their teaching responsibilities. For several more months, they continue to collect data, begin the process of data analysis, identify findings, frame conclusions, and pose questions for further inquiry. Finally all of the MAT students present their original research papers.

The research presentation is also the fourth and final Snapshots of Emerging Practice event.

Samples of Research Presentations:

Shiran Bendor
Detective Work in a Hebrew Language Classroom
Watch Shiran's presentation here>>

Sareet Bluestone
Conflict in the Classroom: Engaging Students while Maintaining Control
Watch Sareet's presentation here>>

Rachel Davenport
Moving Target: Reaching and Teaching My Physically Active Student
Watch Rachel's presentation here>>

Abbie Dinowitz
Don't Write Them Off: Helping Fifth Grade Writers Grow
Watch Abbie's presentation here>>

Lori Kipnes
Disentangling Difficulties: Learning Disabilities and Second Language Acquisition
Watch Lori's presentation here>>

Maria Knourenko
From Seed to Fruition: Cultivating Student Thinking in the Classroom
Watch Maria's presentation here>>

Alyssa Moore
Cooperation or Chaos? Exploring Behavior Management
Watch Alyssa's presentation here>>

Chen Shterenbach
What Makes Warm Ups Work?
Watch Chen's presentation here>>

Jeremy Arcus-Golderg
"Windows and Mirrors: Perspectives on Child Study"
Watch Jeremy's presentation>>

Jennie Berger
"Koreh ve'keef קורא וכיף: Exploring Routine and Adaptive Expertise"
Watch Jennie's presentation >>

Dani Carrus
"Hashem Echad ה' אחד : Exploring Students' Understanding of God"
Watch Dani's presentation>>

Merissa Goldman
"Giving Children the Wings to Fly on Their Own"
Watch Merissa's presentation>>

Josh Pernick
"Why So Many Hands?: Insights from Student Questions after Directions"
Watch Josh's presentation>>

Rachel Shorr Deutsch
"Fostering Student Engagement in Learning Hebrew"
Watch Rachel's presentation>>

Avraham Wachs Cashman
"It's Not 'the Loudest and the Longest Wins': Examining Student Led Discussion"
Watch Avraham's presentation>>

Nitzan Singer
“Wrap it Up: A Study of Transitions”

Cindy Yanofsky  
“Pick It Up: Teaching Responsibility”

Laliv Gal
"'HaMorah, can you please repeat that in English?' Correction and encouragement in a Hebrew-language class"

Anne Glanz
"'I have a connection!' Teaching first graders to listen and respond to each other"

Jessica Perlman
"Maintaining focus in kindergarten discussions"

Adina Rosenthal
"Overcoming the language barrier: teaching science to an English Language Learner"

Lea Winkler
"You See, but you do not observe: Focusing third graders' scientific observation making"