We are pleased to report that 100% of graduates seeking teaching positions were hired in 2017 and 2018. 

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What our Partners are Saying

What Our Partners Are Saying

"The DeLeT mentor teachers and faculty should be very proud of the contributions they are making to the day school field. We could use many more graduates than you are currently producing to staff our schools. May you go from strength to strength."
- Carolyn Keller, Head of School, MetroWest Jewish Day School, Framingham, MA

Dr. Feiman-Nemser Adresses Audience
"As a DeLeT mentor, I have learned so much about my own teaching.  I have the opportunity to reflect regularly on what I do and why I do it, and then to think about ways to make my teaching even better. One of the most important things I have gotten from DeLeT is the opportunity to be part of a learning community made up of other experienced teachers, DeLeT faculty, and new teachers interested in thinking deeply about teaching."
- Shira Horowitz, Mentor, South Area Solomon Schechter Day School, Stoughton, MA

"Last year, DeLeT placed two Fellows at our school for a modest cost to our strained budget. They became essential staff members and their talents and enthusiasm enhanced our educational programs. In tandem with this program, we became participants in the Mandel Center's New Teacher Induction Partnership, which enriched our school with additional educational resources. Several seasoned faculty members agreed to become teacher mentors. Learning the craft of mentorship infused these experienced teachers with a sense of renewal and advancement."
- Rabbi Lewitan, Head of School, Striar Hebrew Academy, Sharon, MA

"Delet has truly changed my teaching and my ideas about teaching for the better.Even though I had a degree in education prior to beginning Delet, I can honestly say I learned more in my Delet year then I did in my four year education program. Delet has provided me with a community of teachers with whom I can seek advice, share ideas, and collaborate with. I am lucky to have been a part of this tremendous program." - Kathy Kanigsberg, DeLeT graduate and current mentor

"First and foremost, our school is enriched because of the wonderful dedication, knowledge and passion of the DeLeT teaching fellows. Our students learn from them and love them. Second, our experienced teachers expand their skills and practice because of their teaching of interns, their work with other mentor teachers, and the training they receive as part of the program. Third, our school is enriched as a whole because of our work with the knowledgeable and caring professionals who lead this program. The DeLeT teacher training program at Brandeis is one of the best in the country. It is based solidly on what research has proven to be best teaching and training practices. Teachers being trained at Brandeis leave with exactly the understanding and skills that will ensure their success as fine educators at Jewish day schools."
- Kristen Herbert, Assistant Head of School, The Rashi School, Newton, MA

"Your DeLeT team is truly impressive. [They] bring new insights and fresh perspectives to the world of Jewish day school education."
- Harlene Appelman, Executive Director, The Covenant Foundation

"We have been fortunate to have had the enriching experience of 4 DeLeT fellows in our children's classrooms over the past 5 years. It is an amazing process to witness the transformation of eager and enthusiastic new student teachers evolve into mature, highly skilled - and eager and enthusiastic - professional Jewish educators. Equally as impressive as the transformation of the DeLeT fellows is the impact they increasingly have on the classroom as the year progresses. At some point during the year, we begin to realize that our children are having the benefit of an additional highly qualified teacher in the classroom - creating student:teacher ratios that are unheard of in most schools! The DeLeT fellowship program is a true gift to the fellows, the participating schools, the mentor teachers, the students, and the Jewish community!"
- Elisa Deener-Agus, Parent from SASSDS