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Wednesday, November 14, 5:30-7 p.m., ASAC-204

We are pleased to report that 100% of interns in Cohort 2017-18 who were seeking jobs in teaching are now gainfully employed. 

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Teach Tanakh/Bible

This small, personalized program is designed to challenge and prepare graduate students to become teachers of Tanakh in middle or high TanakhJewish day schools. Uniquely situated in both the Secondary track of the MAT program as well as DeLeT, Tanakh students benefit from being a part of the DeLeT cohort and learning with others focusing on Jewish day school education, as well as with the diverse and multi-disciplinary secondary students.

Tanakh students have the opportunity to further their knowledge of their specific subject matter by taking classes in the distinguished Judaic studies department at Brandeis while also learning about pedagogy and practice with Brandeis professors and master teachers in our affiliated schools.  Courses include the following:

NEJS 210b Teaching Texts
Utilizing a variety of orientations to Torah interpretation, we will engage in an analysis of key Torah stories and narratives. Each core episode will reveal a variety of ways to read and interpret Torah, and through these, we will begin to integrate the concept of multiple meanings and truths (shivim panim la-Torah). Through this process, we will begin to untangle the range of responses regarding authorship and sacredness of Torah, as well as engaging with and reflecting upon our own particular beliefs regarding the Torah and identities as learners of Torah. Our exploration will be centered around the theme of questioning as integral to Torah and Jewish learning.

Beit Midrash (House of Studyfor Teachers
Beit Midrash for Teachers is a weeklong component of the Foundations of Education course. This module is designed around the following three main purposes: to explore and engage with ideas in Jewish texts about teaching and learning; to explire havruta (paired study) learning as a form of Jewish learning; and to explore elements of good text study. 

Makom Kadosh (Holy Place)
Makom Kadosh is the spiritual development component of Delet, a year-long experience with 4 distinct but connected segments. Makom Kadosh offers students an opportunity to think about what they, as individuals and as teachers, bring to the prayer experience. Delet students explore the themes of tefilla in relation to their own Jewish journeys as preparation for thinking about how to make tefillah meaningful for their students. Makom Kadosh borrows from many genres  (tefillot, Hasidic stories, children’s literature, art, and modern writings on spirituality in education) to create a picture of what sacred space can be. Experiential activities, journaling and discussion of prayers and other texts help Delet students extend their understanding of what it takes to create sacred space for themselves and for their students.  


Download a sample Secondary MAT Year at a Glance  (PDF)