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EarthNotes: Sept. 27, 2009

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  • Water Scarcity Talk - Sept. 29
  • Columbia Grad School
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Water Scarcity Talk

Tuesday, Sept. 29
International Lounge, Usdan Student Center, 7 p.m.

James Workman, author of a new book on water scarcity, will speak at Brandeis University on" Nature abhors a monopoly: What the bushmen of Botswana can teach Americans about climate resilience."

Mr. Workman will chronicle the memorable saga of the famed Bushmen of the Kalahari in their widely publicized recent battle with the government of Botswana. He will also explore the larger story of what many feel has become the primary resource battleground of the twenty-first century: the supply of water.

Each year, around the world, inadequate water kills more humans than AIDS, malaria, and all wars combined. Global leaders pray for rain. Bushmen tap more pragmatic solutions. James G . Workman will illuminate the present and coming tensions we will all face over water and shows how, from the remoteness of the Kalahari, an ancient and resilient people is showing the world a viable path through the encroaching Dry Age.

James Workman has prepared speeches for statesmen from U.S. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt to South Africa's Nelson Mandela. He advises businesses, conservation groups and government agencies on climate change adaptation. After seven years living in arid Africa and Asia and writing about the causes and consequences of water scarcity, Workman just published Heart of Dryness: How the Last Bushmen Can Help Us Endure the Coming Age of Permanent Drought.

Columbia Grad School

Columbia University's offers a master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy through their School of International and Public Affairs. The intensive course of study begins in early June with an orientation program. The summer term begins immediately afterward, followed by the autumn and spring terms. The summer term features the fundamental science of earth systems and conservation biology, as well as an introduction to environmental policy and management issues. In the autumn and spring, students delve deeper into the formulation and management of public policy. The physical and social sciences are linked throughout the program so that students gain an integrated understanding of earth systems. You can find additional information on their Web site.

Orion Online Latest

The following are some of the the latest listings for environmental nonprofit internships and jobs around the country from Orion Grassroots Network. For information on these and the many other listings, visit their Web site.

Program Coordinator
Musketaquid Arts and Environment
Concord, MA

Education Apprentice
Shelburne Farms
Shelburne, VT

Development Intern
Community Works, Inc.
Claremont, CA (East Coast/West Coast)

Administrative Director
Northeast Organic Farming Association
Barre, MA

Summer Conference Coordinator

Northeast Organic Farming Association
Barre, MA

Development Associate

Save the Redwoods League
San Francisco, CA (Financial District)

Organic Consumers Association
Finland, MN

If you don't see the job you want in EarthNotes or in your own searching, don't forget the Brandeis Hiatt Career Center.

From Hiatt: There are more than 300 organizations in Hiatt NACElink focused on environment/conservation, energy, NGO/non-profit, agriculture, or government, including 80 with a specific focus on green careers. In addition to the Environmental Studies Program and the annual Green Careers Forum, Hiatt brings many green employers to campus for recruiting, networking and informational purposes. Located in the Usdan Student Center, Hiatt offers daily walk-in hours for students and alumni. Stop by for assistance with resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation.