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April 19, 2010

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Calling all Students!

Give & Go 2010
Volunteer & Leader Announcement

At the end of the year Brandeis students move out and can leave behind a large amount of waste. Give & Go is a community wide effort to reduce possessions left on campus, and collect usable items for donation in the community and campus. A dedicated team of leaders and volunteers are needed to help make this effort an even bigger success for Spring 2010.

How Can Students Get Involved?

1. Give & Go Volunteer
Volunteers are needed to help with promotion and sorting of items. Volunteers commit to helping at least 1 hour per time slot. Beyond feeling great for helping out- volunteers will get a discount coupon for the “Move in Market” in the fall!

Volunteer Dates:

    • April 28, Wednesday:7-9 PM Publicity and Sign Making with Waltham Group in Shapiro Campus Center Room 314
    • May 13, Thursday: 12 -2PM First Collection of Donations
    • May 15, Saturday 12 pm- 5pm: Undergrad Move Out Collection
    • May 23, Sunday 12 PM-5 PM Commencement Day Collection
    • May 24, Monday 9 am- 5 pm: Final Senior Move Out Collection
    • How to Volunteer: Fill out this online form by May 5 and you will be contacted about where to meet for volunteering: click here

2. Give & Go Leaders

Dedicated and energetic leaders are needed for manual labor during Give & Go. You must be able to carry boxes and heavy equipment. You must be a quick problem solver and responsible worker. If you are also a Senior Week or Commencement worker- you will have to make sure those commitments don’t conflict. If selected, in exchange for your dedicated efforts, we can offer a few great benefits. Choose one of the Leader Options:

Leader Underclass Move Out- Option A

Work 5 hours on May 16, Saturday 12 pm- 5pm

    • Stay in your current housing until Sunday May 17 at 5:00 PM.
    • Receive $10 WhoCash and a dinner after working!

Leader Full Move Out- Option B

    • Work 5 hours on May 16, Saturday 12 pm- 5pm AND 5 hours either May 23 or May 24 (for a minimum of 10 hours)
    • Stay in your current housing until Sunday May 17 than you will be moved to temporary housing until Tuesday May 25
    • Receive $30 in WhoCash and dinner after working both shifts
    • How to become a Leader: Apply by April 27 through this online form. You will be notified by April 29 if you have been selected. click here

3. Donate and Spread the Word

Don't have time to volunteer? Commit to keeping stuff out of the trash- and donate your unneeded items when you move out and encourage others. It will be easy- donation areas will be in every quad. While we love donations- consider taking home as much stuff as you can. You can even get a box picked up- see, click here . Enter in the code GoGreen to help the Give & Go cause. More information about what can be donated and recycled will be here.

Good luck on finals and move out- Looking forward to working with you!

Give & Go Organized by Campus Sustainability Initiative, Waltham Group, and SEA.

Janna Cohen-Rosenthal
Sustainability Coordinator
Brandeis University
Facilities Services
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