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November 12, 2010

This Issue:

*Around the Corner: Brandeis Climate Change Campus Weeks Begin!
*Certified Green Room
*Save the Date: Internship Symposium - Dec 8 
*Environmental Health & Justice JBS - Applications open!

“Our Choices Matter”: Brandeis Climate Change Campus Weeks Begin!
This Monday, Nov 15 begins an ambitious series of activities and events between to raise awareness, promote learning and share ideas about climate change. Organized by the Center for German and European Studies in cooperation with the Campus Sustainability Initiative, the Greening the Ivory
Tower Class and Environmental Studies Program, the Sustainable International Development Program, and Students for Environmental Action, the campus will be abuzz with an exciting array of programs. The two-week long event will feature programs and activities, including a panel on “How to Become a Carbon-Free Society” with German journalist Elisabeth von Thadden (DIE ZEIT), presentations about how to make change in your neighborhood, a re-creation of a Massaai dwelling outside the Student Center to demonstrate how reducing carbon emissions improves people’s health and quality of life,  a screening of the award-winning film "Sea Change", an organic food banquet, and several other opportunities for the Brandeis community to involved in the vital issue of climate change.

The Brandeis University Climate Change Campus Weeks will culminate in the GREEN UNITY GALA on December 1, 2010 from 6:00pm - 9:00 pm in Levin Ballroom/Usdan on the Brandeis Campus. The Green Gala will serve a capstone to this series of programs and will feature a variety of exciting and insightful programs for guests, including a student debate about nuclear energy, student presentations and performances, and dinner. The Gala will provide a wonderful opportunity sit with other concerned students, faculty, staff, and many visitors to campus. President-elect Fred Lawrence, is scheduled to offer welcoming remarks.

You can get involved tomorrow!  Saturday, Nov 13, 10am - 4pm, in front of Usdan (Rabb side),  a group of volunteers will be building a slice of a Massaai dwelling for demonstration of the stove/solar installations Professor Emeritus Bob Lange's non-profit organization is installing in Tanzania.
Please join in  and lend a hand! Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that won't suffer from getting a little dirty.


Certify your Room as "Green"!

Brandeis students can earn a Certified Green Room and show off their environmental action and committment. Simply choose the green actions you do or will start doing this year and you earn a  Certified Green Room. Your Eco-Rep will drop off a sticker and other rewards. Each week there are wonderful "green" raffle prizes. This week 4 lucky students will win a Portable Solar Charger- supporting clean energy on the go!.
Learn more and quickly sign up at:

Last year 30% of students signed up. Our goal is 50% -- let's show the strong the desire for action and change on campus!

NVC and SEA Weatherization Barnraising
Sunday, Dec 5th

 In the 18th century, members of a community would come together in a barnraising to assemble a neighbor's barn. In our time of climate change and energy challenges, a "barnraising" is an all-out, one-day weatherization event -- making a home more energy efficient.  Simple measures like installing proper insulation, sealing vents & cracks, and replacing old window frames can provide stunning results in reducing a home's fuel use and energy bills.

(The "Greening" class weatherization of a low-income home with Waltham Alliance To Create Housing (WATCH) earlier in the semester resulted in a 30% reduction in fuel and energy bills in the first month.) You can be a part of the effort:
From NVC & SEA: "We need your help! Join NVC and SEA volunteers in their first collaborative barnraising with WATCH, while we weatherize the home of a life-long Waltham resident. We are seeking a number of volunteers to help in this community service event. If you are interested in volunteering or supporting through a donation, please contact Volunteer meeting will be held Tues, Nov 16th @5pm in Ridgewood A Commons."

Environmental Health & Justice JBS

Fall 2011

4 Courses - 16 credits - no prerequisites

Laura Goldin and Dr. James Stewart, Harvard School of Public Health & others.

An opportunity to immerse yourself in an integrated, multi-disciplinary environmental

justice program while directly engaging in the community.  Delve deeply

into the law, policy, social impacts and science of current environmental health

issues challenging individuals and families today-- particularly in low income communities

disproportionately burdened by toxic exposure and lack of access to safe housing,

healthy food and  open space. Gain knowledge and skills in fair housing and toxics law,

negotiation and advocacy, client interviewing and counseling, environment field

monitoring and assessment and more, as we work directly with low-income,

multi-ethnic communities in tackling pressing issues and developing solutions.

You will be able to help prevent evictions and reduce childhood lead exposure,

develop organic gardens with at-risk youth, help combat indoor air pollution,

create healthy meal programs with homeless women and children and much more --

all as you learn.

For more see:
Rolling Admissions!
Deadline: March 15, application materials available.

Feel free to contact me and/or attend these upcoming JBS info sessions:
11/16/2010, 5:30-7:00, Shapiro Room 313
11/18/2010, 5:30-7:00, Shapiro Room 313

Questions? Contact me at:
or JBS program administrator Alyssa Grinberg,


Take care all,

Laura Goldin