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July 14, 2014




This issue:

*Excellent MA Regional Conservation Coordinator Job - Act Now! 

*Other Positions  

Regional Conservation Coordinator 

Graduates: Interested in farm conservation and food systems planning? You can work with one of our own otstanding Environmental Studies alumni in western MA at Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust  as a Regional Conservation Coordinator, but you need to apply ASAP!  They are filling this position in the next two weeks: 


MassLIFT Regional Conservation Coordinators (RCCs) help communities protect important farms, forests, and natural areas, and urban green space by building the capacity of regional land trusts and partnered organizations to: 1) train community volunteers and organizations in strategic landowner education and outreach initiatives; 2) facilitate the development, completion, and implementation of strategic conservation plans; 3) train and assist organizations in land conservation project management steps; 4) conduct conservation needs assessments with municipal conservation commissions, open space committees, agricultural commissions, recreation committees, and local land trusts; (5) help communities form, strengthen and/or carry out the work of volunteer municipal boards; (6) develop and coordinate regional conservation partnerships that share resources, educate landowners and local governments, and collaborate on land protection projects addressing local and regional conservation needs; and (7) recruit and manage community volunteers in support of any and all of the above listed tasks.


MassLIFT AmeriCorps members work with their supervisors to develop and carryout six or more capacity building projects over the course of the service year. Many of these projects will involve recruiting, training, and/or managing community volunteers. Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust (Mount Grace) has proposed the following projects for their Regional Conservation Coordinator:

  1. Expand and enhance Mount Grace’s innovative farmland protection efforts across the region.
  2. Identify and map farmland in Mount Grace’s service region to promote regional strategic planning for farmland conservation, and assist with landowner identification and outreach.
  3. Develop new technical assistance services for farmers and landowners to increase the pace of farm conservation and increase land access in the greater Quabbin region.
  4. Plan, organize, and support on-going local and regional food systems planning efforts, including coordination of the Greater Quabbin Food Alliance: a regional network coordinated by Mount Grace.
  5. Conduct research and organize community meetings to assess needs and assets of the local food system.

Development of these and other projects will occur during the first two months of service and consider the member’s interests and skills.

Essential Qualifications:

·         Knowledge and direct experience with current GIS technology.

·         Strong writing and verbal communication skills.

·         Comfortable working with people of diverse backgrounds and speaking to groups.

·         A strong interest in working with local and state partners on farmland conservation and food systems planning projects.

·         Able to work both independently and as a member of a team

·         Comfortable utilizing computer programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook,PowerPoint) and have the ability to quickly learn new programs.

·         Ability to attend night and weekend events as needed. Must have access to a vehicle.

Desired Qualifications:

·         Education background and/or direct experience in the fields of agriculture, natural resources, conservation, or land use planning.

·         Experience coordinating events.

·         Experience developing public information materials.

·         Experience recruiting, training, and managing volunteers.

·         Experience with local government and/or civic organizations.

For questions about Mount Grace’s service positions or the state-wide MassLIFT program, contact Sean Pollock, Director of Community Engagement, No phone calls


Environment Massachusetts is Still Hiring Students for the Summer 

Environment Massachusetts is a citizen-based environmental advocacy organization.  Right now we’re working on a campaign to protect our open spaces in Massachusetts, from the Berkshires to the Cape.  Places like Cape Cod are a big part of what makes living in Massachusetts so great.  Unfortunately, funding designed to protect the cape cod seashores will run out next year if some members of congress get their way.  We’re hiring students to get out and build support on these issues, so we can make sure that the Cape and all of our special places get the funding they deserve.
Currently we have paid positions open on our campaign staff in Newton, Massachusetts.  We require that interested candidates are hard workers, have excellent communication skills, and are interested in making positive social change.  Leadership positions are also available for top candidates.
For more information or to apply, call Tom at (617) 332-0216 or go online to

Orion Online Latest Listings  The following are just some of the recent listings for environmental nonprofit internships and jobs around the country from Orion Grassroots Network. For details on these positions and the many other listings, go to: .   Many of these are appropriate for ENVS89a academic credit. Just see above and the ENVS website for info on credit for summer internships and contact

 Development Associate 
Center for Humans and Nature 
Chicago, IL 

Communications & Online Social Media Outreach Intern 
Pesticide Action Network 
Oakland, CA 

Big City Mountaineers Program Intern - Chicago 
Big City Mountaineers 
Chicago, IL


Community Energy Associate 
Island Institute 
Rockland, ME 

National Fellowship Program 
Environmental Leadership Program 

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