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EARTHNOTES for events, announcements, and opportunities! Many of the internships are excellent for the ENVS 89a course as academic internship experiences. Interested? Just see the Internship Program link and contact me to discuss your plans

We also have a number of excellent local internships not listed here that may be just the right fit for you, from environmental health and food justice to recycling and energy.

July 22, 2016


This Issue: Fall Internships, Jobs & More! 
*Move-In Volunteers needed August 19 & 21
*​Housing Clinic Intern: Fall/Spring/Summer
*Fall ENVS89a Butterfly Garden internship Museum of Science! (paid)​
*Fall Coastal Environmental and Non-Profit Internship​​
*Job: Program Manager, urban farm & school program: Connecticut
*Program Animal Specialist Job: Franklin Park Zoo
*Commonwealth Corps Environmental Educators
*Live Animal Center Internship: Museum of Science
*Earthwatch: Research Associate Intern
*Positions with Audubon Connecticut 

Brandeis Move-In Volunteers: August 19th & 21st
Earn a brand new Sustainable Brandeis t-shirt & free food (non-dining hall!)
Sustainable Brandeis is looking for volunteers to help on move-in days. The job is simple: help divert all those moving boxes from the trash into recycling.
What volunteers will do: Stand near dumpsters in key areas and point people in the right direction: the recycling bin! 
Why? Move-in is a huge opportunity to make sure people keep valuable cardboard and other recyclables out of the trash. Signs just don't cut it: we need people in the flesh to help divert that waste. As you may know, we have a campus goal of achieving a 40% recycling rate at least one month in 2016. This will be a huge step toward that goal. The best we've done so far is 26%, but that's up from 18% last year, so we know we can do it! 
When: Fri Aug 19 9am-2pm and Sun Aug 21 9am-2pm. We'll break it into 2-3 hour shifts so you don't have to stand outside the whole time.
Please email Mary Fisher if you are interested even if you can just do a short shift! 

​Housing Clinic Intern: Fall/Spring/Summer
WATCH’s mission is to help poor and immigrant residents of Waltham get access to services and have a say in how things are done in this community. WATCH builds community by providing volunteer opportunities and a place where members can improve their own lives and help make a difference in Waltham. 
​The internships are a great opportunity for experience in a grassroots, non-profit organization and a chance to make a difference in the lives of Waltham's low income residents. They are generally unpaid but are eligible for academic credit with ENVS89*
Background: WATCH’s Housing Clinic, created and run for the last 10 years by Professor Laura Goldin and staffed by trained students from her classes, helps hundreds of Waltham tenants a year to access community resources, resolve issues with landlords, get help for poor living conditions, and find affordable housing. We are looking for Brandeis students with an interest in social justice who want to make a difference for low income families in their search for safe, affordable, fair housing. Duties: Help staff the bi-weekly housing clinic at least 1 night a week and do follow up work with day hours.
As a Clinic intern, you will receive training on all the components of the housing clinic work and then help clients.
*See the flyer for further details. If interested contact Professor Goldin

Butterfly Garden Intern
Fall internship at the Museum of Science for ENVS89a Academic Credit. The garden ​is a living habitat of plants and butterflies, which is open to the public every day. The exhibit involves a variety of horticultural and curatorial expertise to maintain the exhibit to museum standards. The educational offerings on the floor are informal, including kiosk interpretation and hands-on education. Ongoing development of new topics in insect-plant relationships are also a primary element of the exhibit. See link for details and contact me at to apply for ENVS89a.​
POSITION SUMMARY: The Butterfly Garden Intern will be involved in many different aspects of the Butterfly Garden – he or she will assist with the upkeep of the space, interact with the public, help with the live collection and provide feedback to the supervisors. The Intern will learn skills related to informal science education and management of living habitat displays.

Fall Coastal Environmental and Non-Profit Internship (3 positions available):
Spend 4 months living and working in the unique setting of Bald Head Island. Bald Head Island is a barrier island with a community focused on innovative conservation practices to allow people to live in harmony with nature. While working with the BHI Conservancy you will gain public speaking/program development skills, learn about the operations of a non-profit organization, and participate in fieldwork, including our renowned sea turtle protection program. Deadline to apply is July 21, 2016.
For more information and how to apply, visit

Urban Farm & School Program Manager Job: Green Village​
The Green Village Initiative, and urban farm and school program in Bridgeport, Conne, is hiring a program manager. Excellent for someone looking to make a difference in a challenged area of Bridgeport, CT. See the flyer for more information.

Program Animal Specialist Job: Franklin Park Zoo
The Program Animal Specialist (PAS) will be responsible for the daily care and maintenance of the education program animal collection. The PAS will work directly with a variety of animal species including reptiles, mammals, birds, and invertebrates. The PAS will be responsible for maintaining the health, diet, and behavioral records for each animal in his/her care, as well as helping to develop and implement training programs for the animals used in education presentations. The PAS will also design and conduct education programs for students and other groups at the Zoo and in the community. The PAS will be expected to conduct, on average, one overnight program per month. 
For more information and to apply go to:

Commonwealth Corps Environmental Educators
The Coalition seeks a Commonwealth Corps member to be a core part of our Community Engagement team with an overall goal of engaging the community in active and on-going stewardship of the Bay and watershed. Specifically, members will serve with our youth and family education initiatives which seek to strengthen the ethic of environmental stewardship in the region while also improving academic achievement in the classroom through increased school engagement.
The mission of the Commonwealth Corps is to engage Massachusetts residents of all ages and backgrounds in service to strengthen communities, address unmet community needs, and increase volunteerism. Commonwealth Corps members with the Buzzards Bay Coalition will serve 10.5 months (August 15, 2016-June 24, 2017) in a full-time capacity. What they have in common is a desire to put their talents and ideas to use in the service of their communities and the Commonwealth.
See the flyer for more information and application instructions.

Live Animal Center Internship: Museum of Science
A Live Animal Center intern will assist in the care of the animal collection and in the maintenance of the animal center and animal exhibits. The position is similar to that of a zookeeper. The Intern will assist in all aspects of animal care. Eligible for ENVS89a Academic Credit. 
For more information and to apply go to:

Earthwatch:Research Associate Intern
Earthwatch supports field research that utilizes highly motivated non-specialist volunteers, also called citizen scientists, to collect data. The Research Department is responsible for soliciting, reviewing, and recommending research proposals for funding and supporting researchers throughout their Earthwatch careers. Earthwatch supports cutting-edge science through field-based expeditions that address: • What is changing? (Discovery) • Why is it changing? (Understanding) • What can we do? (Action) Research Associate Interns will assist the Research Department in a variety of tasks to help support the research team and Earthwatch scientists.
For more information and to apply go to:

Positions with Audubon Connecticut
Jobs, internships and fellowships available. Internships eligible for ENVS89a Academic Credit. 
For more information and to apply go to:

Orion Online Latest Listings: The following are just some of the recent listings for environmental nonprofit internships and jobs around the country from Orion Grassroots Network. For details on these positions and the many others go to: Many of these are appropriate for ENVS89a academic credit. Just see above and the ENVS website for info on credit for summer internships and contact me

ProFarmer Trainee
Hudson Valley Farm Hub 
Hurley, NY 

Community Stewards AmeriCorps VISTA
Conservation Legacy 

Outdoor Education Guru
Camp Burgess & Hayward 
Sandwich, MA 

Education Farm Seeks Farm Manager
Seed to Table Farm 
Sisters, OR 

Organic Farm School 
Clinton, WA (Whidbey Island, WA) 

EarthCorps Field Specialist
Seattle, WA 

EarthCorps Volunteer Specialist
Seattle, WA

EarthCorps Crew Leader
Seattle, WA 

And remember, if you don’t see the jobs or internships you want on EARTHNOTES or in your own search, don't forget the Brandeis Hiatt Career Center has access to hundreds of opportunities in the environmental and green fields. Hiatt offers students/alumni daily walk-ins hourselectronic resume reviews, and career counseling appointments for help getting your resume, cover letter, networking pitch, and job search strategy in order. The B.hired recruiting and events system houses thousands of jobs and internships that have been specifically targeted by employers for Brandeis students (log in with your UNET ID and password). Hiatt also welcome hundreds of employers and alumni to campus each year to share insights about their industries, careers, and current job and internship opportunities. Check out the events tab in B.hired to register for one of these upcoming sessions. Click here to see a list of where Brandeis ENVS alumni are working now.

Best to All
Laura Goldin