Senior Honors Thesis

Writing a Senior Honors Thesis

Students who meet the approval criteria may choose to write a senior thesis. 

Students generally need to have a grade point average of 3.75 or higher in linguistics courses to be admitted to the program. Students normally have completed most of the Language and Linguistics major before beginning the program.

The UAH and proposed advisor must agree that the student has completed enough core linguistics coursework at a consistently high level of performance to be prepared for writing a thesis.

The Linguistics Major Senior Thesis Guidelines and Regulations handout provides full information about the requirements and process of doing a senior thesis in linguistics.

Past Senior Honors Theses

Adrianne Schwarzentrube 2016

The Rhythm of Depressed Speech: an Analysis of Timing Variabilities

Tamar Forman-Gejrot 2015

Word Order Variation and Gapping in German

Seth Dworman 2014 Conditional Random Field Phonotactics: Comparing and visualizing phonetically transcribed child production data
Katherine Glanbock 2014 The Distribution of Null Pronominals in Chinese: A Centering approach to spoken Mandarin
Martha Schwarz 2014 Patterns of Usage and Change in Nepali Honorific Pronouns
Kenyon Branan 2013 The Syntax of Nominalization Constructions in Kham
Allyson Ettinger 2010 Modeling the Role in Discourse of the Mandarin Utterance-Final Particle ba [pdf]
Theodore Levin 2010 External Possession Constructions in Korean
Batia Snir 2010 Syntactic Reduplication in Modern Hebrew and Its Effects on Meaning
Aaron Braver 2007 An Account of N-Drop: Empirical evidence and analysis
Shanna Hollich 2007 A Unified Semantics for Partitives?: How arguments, predicates, and atomicity can be used to bridge the gap
Kimberly Leikin 2007 Managing Conversations: The use of tag questions among different age groups
Kara Hawthorne 2006 The Comprehension of Novel Noun-Noun Compounds in Young Children
Vedrana Mihalicek 2006 Instruments and Accompaniments in Serbo-Croatian