Did you know?

Graduates of our B.A. program have a strong, long-standing record of continuing on to Ph.D. work in the top graduate programs in linguistics.


What makes the Brandeis program distinctive?

The Brandeis undergraduate linguistics program focuses on theoretical generative linguistics. In addition to core courses on phonological theory, syntactic theory, formal semantics, and formal pragmatics, we offer electives on morphology, linguistic typology, language acquisition and development, the mathematical foundations of linguistics, historical linguistics, and computational linguistics.

Related Areas of Study

Majors and minors can also choose to complement their linguistics courses with language-focused electives in related disciplines like:

  • anthropology, including an array of linguistic anthropology courses
  • philosophy, including courses on logic, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind
  • computer science
  • near-eastern and Judaic studies
  • psychology and neuroscience.

It is not uncommon for linguistics students to complete an additional major or minor in one or more of these fields, in classics, or in specific modern languages.

Many of our students focus just on theoretical and core areas of linguistics, without including computational coursework. However, undergraduate students interested in computational linguistics can also opt to take courses from our graduate computational linguistics program.  All computational linguistics courses are open and accessible to undergraduates with sufficient programming ability.

Focus Options

Majors can also opt to focus their elective course choices on a single specific domain, choosing from:

  • General Linguistics
  • Cognitive Science of Language
  • Language and Computation
  • Language and Society.

Please see the Focus Options page for more information.

After Graduation

Graduate study
Graduates of our B.A. program have a strong, long-standing record of continuing on to Ph.D. work in the top graduate programs in linguistics. Recent graduates are Ph.D. students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Maryland, the University of Michigan, New York University, Ohio State and Rutgers.

In addition, prominent linguists with Brandeis bachelor’s degrees in linguistics are members of the faculty at University of California at Santa Cruz, University of Southern California, Hebrew University, Cornell, Carleton University, Canada, and Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Diverse career fields
Graduates of the program also commonly go on to careers in areas such as speech pathology, computational linguistics and natural language processing, teaching (including TESOL) and law.

Speech pathology has been an especially popular choice for our graduates in recent years, with alumni currently enrolled in or having recently graduated from master's degree programs at Massachusetts General Hospital's Institute of Health Professions, Sargent College at Boston University, Northeastern University, Columbia and New York University.